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    Been Here Before

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    When the player character (re)visits a certain area or location that was also present in a previous game, or visited later on in the same game, with some alterations.

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    A concept that is similar to backtracking, as it relates to the re-visitation of locations that the player has previously journeyed to. In this case, the location may have changed drastically due to the story of the game.

    This is not the same as backtracking, as backtracking only concerns one game, whereas Been Here Before include sequels.


    Fable II

    Fable II features the concept when players leave and then return to locations after many years have passed. Changes to the areas are based on previous actions. Also, in Prince of Persia, players cleanse lands from dark evil to lush greenery.

    Resident Evil 3: Nemesis / Outbreak File 2

    During the early portions of the game, Jill Valentine will head to the Raccoon Police Department, which is an iconic environment most featured in Resident Evil 2. A lot of the doors have been boarded up, however, limiting Jill's exploration of the building. It is otherwise exactly how it was in Resident Evil 2. In Resident Evil: Outbreak File 2, one of the Scenarios (levels) of the game is also set within the Raccoon Police Department. Beyond the improved graphical quality, the environment is primarily built to exactly resemble how it looked in Resident Evil 2.

    Borderlands 2

    Nearing the end stretch of Borderlands 2, players will return to the opening area of the original Borderlands.

    Saints Row IV

    In The Boss' efforts to save his/her ally Benjamin King amidst a virtual-reality world, he/she will have to return to the original Saints HQ church from the very first Saints Row game. A lot of the thugs encountered during this section are intentionally kept to look exactly how they were in Saints Row, and the camera was also positioned to resemble how it functioned back in Saints Row at that.

    Dead Space 2

    At around the middle point of the game, Isaac Clarke must return to the infamous Ishimura ship that was the primary location of the original Dead Space. This familiarity was used to create an unsettling atmosphere, to prey on veteran players in particular and their expectations of jump scares. Though the first third of Isaac exploring the ship is actually devoid of combat.


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