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    Originally designed as a temple by the monks of the Ashen Order, this secluded dungeon has become a haven for those who practice the dark arts of necromancy.

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    Befallen can be found on the southern edge of Western Commonlands where the grasslands begin to merge with the desert. The dungeon was once a proud temple maintained by The Ashen Order of monks. Now it has been overrun with dark elves and others practicing the arts of necromancy. The dark elves claim the dungeon is the last remnant of the ancient city of Takish Hiz, the great Elven city. Many of the passages in Befallen require keys that must be obtained from various notable enemies within the dungeon. A skilled rogue can pick these locks and speed up his/her party's progress.

    Neighboring Zones


    Notable NPCs

    • Boondin Babbinsbort
    • Commander Windstream
    • Elf Skeleton
    • Gynok Moltar
    • Priest Amiaz
    • Primordial Ritualist Zveir
    • Sir Ariam Arcanum
    • Skeleton Lrodd

    Notable Items

    • Blackened Wand
    • Icon of the Ardent
    • Platinum Ring
    • Robe of the Primordial Ritualist

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