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The Beholder isn't much of a looker. He could be described as a floating ball of hair, with an astonished look on his face all the time.
He has one cyclops eye, and then 4 eye stalks on top of him.
As similar representation to Beholder
As similar representation to Beholder
This animal orb is derived from the fantasy roll playing game Dungeons & Dragons. The Beholder has been a regular in the classic game from 1975 and was an original from the Dungeons and Dragons franchise. The character was originally created by Terry Kuntz, Rob Kuntz's brother (highly respected fantasy role playing game designer and author).
As with all the animal orbs in Castle Crashers the Beholder has a perk. The advantage to Beholder is that he gives you a magic boost, but if you have full magic already it seems that he makes no difference.
Once found the Beholder will sit right to the back of the animal ark, just in front of his door.


Probably one, if not the, trickiest animal orb to find in castle crashers.
You can find it behind the locked door in the animal ark, and to get to it your going to need a key. 
So basically your going to need to take the Cardinal with you into the level 'Full Moon', the level between 'Snow World' and 'Medusa's Lair'.
From the start your going to need to fight and run for a little bit until you reach a hut and a ladder. The key is not in this hut but the second one, after you go up the ladder. The Cardinal should fly into this hut and fly out with a new weapon. Pick it up and you should see a that your knight has a key as a weapon. Take this to the door in the animal ark and hit it to open it. Walk in and get Beholder.
'Full Moon' is full with pretty tough knights so if your going in alone to do this level i recommend you stock up on health potions.

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