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    Bells & Whistles

    Game » consists of 13 releases. Released February 1991

    The widely acclaimed follow-up to the cute 'em up TwinBee, originally released in the Arcades. Known as Detana!! TwinBee in Japan, the PC Engine version of the game remained a Japan exclusive until it was added to the US/EU/AU Virtual Console in 2009.

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    Detana!! TwinBee translates to "It's Here!! TwinBee," but outside of Japan the game is known as "Bells & Whistles." Both TwinBee and WinBee return as stars of this vertical-scrolling cute 'em up sequel to Konami's 1985 hit TwinBee. It also introduces Light and Pastel, although they were not named in this release.

    Detana!! TwinBee was originally released in Arcades in 1991 in multiple regions, and is actually the fifth game in the TwinBee series. It is, however, only the second TwinBee game after the original to be released in the Arcades first, as the previous TwinBee sequels (Stinger, TwinBee 3 and the Game Boy Pop'n TwinBee) were all console exclusives. Detana!! TwinBee eventually received Sharp X68000 and PC Engine releases, both of which were exclusive to Japan, unlike the original Arcade version. In 2009 the PC Engine version was made available to overseas territories for the first time via the Wii's Virtual Console. Detana!! TwinBee is also featured on the Detana TwinBee Yahho! Deluxe Pack, a compilation of Detana!! TwinBee and TwinBee Yahho, released exclusively in Japan for the Sega Saturn and Sony PlayStation.


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