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    Belsavis is a planet appearing in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The planet is used as a high-security prison by the Republic.

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    Belsavis is a planet in the outer rim, which was, in ancient times, used as a prison by the Rattaka as a part of the Infinite Empire. Thousands of years later, the Republic set up their own, secret, high security prison, for the most dangerous criminals in the republic. After the Empire learned of the Republic's secrets on Belsavis, they organized a prison break.

    One noteworthy faction the players will encounter on Belsavis are "The Condemned." Unlike the other prisoners on Belsavis, the Condemned were never convicted of any crime, instead being born on the planet. The Republic, fearing exposure of their secret facilities, refused to let the Condemned free, effectively passing the parent's life sentence downward forever. Republic players will have a chance to help decide the Condemned's fate.

    Belsavis is intended for players around levels 41-44.


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