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Before Resident Evil 2

Before the outbreak, Ben had checked himself into the Apple Inn, when he left he left behind his passport and a book containing news stories he could possibly use. He went to the South Raccoon Street Station, a subway station, and after finding out that police commander Brian Irons had been accepting bribes off Umbrella, he was arrested and sent to the Raccoon City Police Station.

By the 27th and 28th of September, after the outbreak, there were only 13 people left in the station, including himself. An attempt to evacuate resulted in only 4 people managing to escape, with Ben choosing the stay behind. Kevin Ryman and two other survivors sought refuge in the police station and Ben provided them with an important crest in order to help them escape. In return he asked they delivered papers detailing Chiefs Irons' tax evasion and corruption.

Resident Evil 2

In both Leon Kennedy's A & B scenarios, Ben will be encountered in the R.P.D station's underground prison. He has purposely locked himself up in a cell to protect himself from the zombies and the mutated William Birkin monster, G. Leon demanding his help and some insight into what is going on will eventually lead Ben to reveal the nearby back entrance that Leon and his current ally Ada Wong can take to safety.

Upon his inadvertent return to the underground prison, Leon will hear Ben yell in pain from his cell. In Scenario A, William Birkin in his first G-Virus induced transformation will implant an embryo into Ben causing him to go unconscious. Scenario B will have Ben simply beaten by William. Once Leon arrives, Ben will either die from his wounds (Scenario B) or will ''give birth'' to the embryo William implanted in him, with it tearing out of his chest. That same embryo will then grow to become a boss battle soon after.

Before he dies, Ben hands Leon evidence proving Chief of Police Brian Iron's corruption and his association with Umbrella - the decoy Pharmaceutical company that created the T-Virus.

In Claire Redfield's Scenario B story she will also encounter Ben, but only as a corpse left from the embryo bursting out of his chest back in the prison during Leon's A Scenario

Resident Evil: Outbreak - File 2

Set before the events of Resident Evil 2, Ben plays a small supporting role in the level ''Desperate Times'', once again found locked up in the same cell. The player character has to find him the same evidence that Ben will eventually hand Leon, insinuating Brian Iron's involvement with Umbrella and the bribes he has accepted over his career. For some extra ammunition and items, the player can locate camera film throughout the station and exchange them with Ben.

Upon completion of the level, the player may then purchase Ben's character skin, set over the character David King's model.

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