Video game composer Ben Daglish has passed away

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#1 Posted by hassun (9946 posts) -
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Sad times, he scored the soundtrack to many of my childhood afternoons.

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Well that hurts.
RIP Ben Daglish, I'll never forget you.

I used to load up my C64 games just to listen to Ben's (and others') music while doing my homework, something that really confused my mom since she'd think I'd be playing video games instead. And I was like "No mom, I'm just listening to the tunes!"
Sometimes though I really wanted the Wilderness tune from The Last Ninja so I would have to speed run through level 1 just to hear it. I tried to explain to her that it was like finding the record you wanted to listen to (but also getting to play a game while doing so!).

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I didn't grow up with the C64 so I'm not familiar with Ben, but those are some choice tunes. The composers thriving in the 80's did so much to influence game music today so I know he demands respect.

52 is such a young age, RIP.

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Like csl316, I didn't grow up with the C64 or Ben's work but respect the legacy of the games that I missed. It is a real shame that he passed so early and I appreciate the tunes which were shared.

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Love his music for the Last Ninja series, so sorry to have heard he has died, RIP Ben.

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Oh man. I remember knowing his name even as a young kid. Hubbard and Daglish were the big names. Huge impact on so many people.

Lung cancer. Very sad.

Thanks, Ben Daglish!

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