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    Benjamin King

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    Originally voiced by the late Michael Clarke Duncan, Benjamin King grew up with Julius Little, who helped him found the Vice Kings gang. When Julius decided his friend had grown corrupt, he left the Vice Kings and started his own gang, the 3rd Street Saints.

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    Saints Row

    Benjamin King is the founder of The Vice Kings gang in the original Saints Row. King is betrayed by two of his lieutenants, Tanya Winters and Warren Williams. With the help of Julius Little and the 3rd Street Saints King gets his revenge and agrees to drop his flags and walk away from the Vice Kings.

    Mission Appearances

    • Always Use Protection
    • Best Laid Plans...
    • 3rd Street Vice Kings
    • Round Peg, Square Hole
    • For King and Country
    • The King and I
    • All the King's Men

    Saints Row IV

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    Ben King makes his return in Saints Row IV, serving as The President's Chief of Staff. He is now voiced by Terry Crews, replacing the late Michael Clarke Duncan who voiced him in the original Saints Row.


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