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    Benny "The Nose" Fideleo

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    Benny "The Nose" Fideleo is Bobby's sidekick in Psychonauts. They frequently bully the new kids at the camp.

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    Benny is Bobby Zilch's follower, accomplice, and yes-man. It seems that even though he is somewhat loyal to Bobby, Bobby has no problems with pushing around or teasing Benny. Benny will often be seen warning that "Bobby isn't going to be happy."

    Near the end of the game, Benny shows that he is not particularly loyal to Bobby, and would rather be the lackey of whoever the most powerful evildoer is. When Raz tells him the story of his adventure so far, Benny asks if the main antagonist of the game has a yes-man or bodyguard of any sort. When asked why he wants to know, he says he was just curious.


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