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Benoît Sokal was born June 28th, 1954 in Brussels, Belgium. He is most famous for his comic strip series Canardo which revolves around an a duck who is a detective. Sokal originally studied at the École Supérieure des Arts Saint-Luc De Bruxells, an art university in Brussels, where many other modern Belgian comic artists also studied, such as François Schuite, who is currently working with Sokal on a White Birds Productions game.

Sokal drew a variety of comics but by far the most popular is the Inspector Canardo series which as afore mentioned centres on an anthropomorphic duck who possesses the same characteristics as many classic comics and stories revolving around police inspectors, but in a noir style. He then went on to create three more comic strips, involving collaborating with François Rivière andAlain Populaire.

After a while Sokal had an opportunity to work with game developer 
Microïds, where he created the Syberia series, as well as Amerzone. Microïds later merged with MC2 France to form MC2-Microïds. He is now working for White Birds Productions who have released Paradise and are currently developing at least one title.

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