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    Beorc is the name given to the human race in the Tellius Fire Emblem universe. In this world, laguz that call beorc "human" use it as a racial epithet.

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    Beorc are a race of people in the Tellius Fire Emblem universe of Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Beorc exist alongside laguz; humanoids with animal characteristics that are capable of fully transforming into large beasts. The two races have a deep, longstanding animosity toward each other dating back to ancient times. Beorc alternately and commonly refer to themselves as human, though the laguz use the word as a racial epithet.

    Beorc, lacking the raw physical power and transformation abilities of the laguz, compensate for these weaknesses through the study of magic and the technological crafting and martial use of weapons. Using these skills, they have engaged in conflicts with the laguz over the course of centuries. However, some beorc, such as Ike, do not see the laguz as enemies and make efforts to foster peace between the races.

    Beorc and laguz share common ancestry in a single ancient race called the zunanma. Created by the goddess Ashunera, the zunanma were a peaceful race that evolved over time, eventually resulting in two very different species. Ashunera chose to name these two new groups the beorc and laguz, but to her dismay, this act helped drive a wedge between the races, and this grudge eventually escalated into a full-scale war.


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