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    Bernie Crane

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    Bernie Crane is one of two men Niko Bellic suspects betrayed his squad in the Bosnian War. He is a homosexualist and his former name is Florian Cravic.

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    Bryce Dawkins, Bernie's boyfriend
    Bryce Dawkins, Bernie's boyfriend

    Bernie Crane, formerly known as Florian Cravic, is one of two people Niko Bellic suspected of betraying his squad in the Bosnian War. Niko finally tracks down Bernie with the help of Ray Boccino, who finds a man named Talbot that knows Bernie and who leads Niko to his apartment. After kicking down Bernie's door and interrogating him over the events of what happened that night many years ago, Niko comes to conclusion that Bernie couldn't possibly have done it, due to either how sincere Bernie is in defending himself or how flamboyantly homosexual Bernie has become in Liberty City. After this encounter, Bernie is surprised to see that Niko is still haunted over what happened to his unit in the Bosnian War and relates to how he gave up his past as Florian Cravic to instead be Bernie Crane.

    Afterwards, Niko and Bernie become close friends and unite to eventually fight a common enemy. In gratitude for helping him hunt down an aggressive homophobic man and for helping him keep his relationship with Deputy Mayor Bryce Dawkins a secret, Bernie rewards Niko with an Infernus sports car, as he just takes cabs or power walks instead anyway.


    • Bernie originally wanted to be a professional wrestler, though he eventually joined the peacekeeping forces along with Niko.
    • Bernie's relationship with Bryce Dawkins is eventually foiled by the media, though Bryce continues to deny its existence.
    • Bryce Dawkin's political career is ironically based off of family values.

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    • Union Drive
    • Buoys Ahoy

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