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The start of the match in Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle. 
The start of the match in Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle. 
Beyblade is an anime and manga series about a group of children battling with highly powerful spinning tops enchanted with Holy Beasts or spirits of mythical and powerful creatures. The show focuses on the battles between Beyblading teams as they compete to become the world champions. The main characters are the Bladebreakers, a team consisting of Tyson Granger, Kai Hiwatari, Ray Kon and Max Tate. The referee of the series is DJ Jazzman, who appeared in the Super Tournament Battle game as a hidden character. During their quest to become Beyblade champions, Tyson and his friends meet many new friends, enemies and competitors whilst overcoming problems. The Beyblade anime is licensed by Nelvana in North America. They have also announced that there will be a new generation of beyblades. In addition to the anime series, there are video games based on the series like Beyblade: Super Tournament Battle.

Seasonal Themes

First season:

  • Let's Beyblade (opening theme) - Lukas Rossi
  • Never gonna take me down - Anthony Vanderburgh
  • Let's go Beybladers - Krystal Band
  • Heavyweight Generation Beyblades
  • All Across the Nation - The Black Europeans
  • Swing Low

Second season:

  • Underdog - Mudd
  • Always be in the game - Jason Dean Bennison
  • Switchblade - Lenz

Third season:

  • Rise Above the Storm
  • I'm Not Going Down
  • Hang On


Characters in Beyblade

Tyson Granger
Kai Hiwatari
Ray Kon
Max Tate


     1. The Blade Raider
     2. Day of the Dragoon
     3. Take it to the Max!
     4. The Qualifier Begins
     5. Draciel of Approval
     6. Dragoon Storm
     7. Thirteen Candles
     8. 'Bladin' in the Streets
     9. Showdown in Hong Kong
    10. Battle in the Sky
    11. Bye Bye Bit Beast
    12. Adios Bladebreakers
    13. Crouching Lion, Hidden Tiger
    14. The Race is On
    15. Going for the Gold
    16. My Enemy, My Friend
    17. A Score To Settle
    18. A Star is Born
    19. Under the Microscope
    20. It's All Relative
    21. Practice Makes Perfect
    22. 'Blading With the Stars!
    23. Showdown in Vegas
    24. Viva Las Vegas
    25. My Way or the Highway
    26. The Battle of America
    27. Catch a Shooting All-Star
    28. Bottom of the Ninth
    29. Play It Again, Dizzi!
    30. Cruising For a Bruising
    31. London Calling
    32. Darkness at..End of..Tunnel
    33. Last Tangle in Paris
    34. Art Attack
    35. When in Rome...Beyblade
    36. Deja Vu All Over Again
    37. A Knight to Remember
    38. Olympia Challenge
    39. A Majestic Battle Victory
    40. Hot Battle in a Cold Town
    41. Out of the Past
    42. Drawn to the Darkness     
    43. Live and Let Kai!
    44. Losing Kai
    45. Breaking the Ice      
    46. First Strike         
    47. A Lesson for Tyson 
    48. Victory in Defeat
    49. A Wicked Wind Blows      
    50. New and Cyber-Improved...
    51. Final Showdown  

Beyblade G-Revolution Episodes

     1. A New Kid in Town
     2. A Team Divided
     3. Invitation to Battle
     4. We Were Once Bladebreakers...
     5. In a League of his Own
     6. You're the Man, Kai!
     7. Take Your Best Shot!
     8. Roughing It
     9. Swiped on the Streets      
    10. It's a Battle Royale
    11. The Blame Game
    12. When in Rome, Let It Rip! 
    13. Kenny's Big Battle    
    14. Picking Up the Pieces
    15. Sleepless in Madrid
    16. Fire and Water
    17. Same Old Dirty Tricks
    18. Beyblade Like An Egyptian
    19. One For All ... Free For All
    20. Burdens of a Champion
    21. Under Pressure
    22. Sibling Rivalry
    23. Ray and Kai: The Ultimate Face-Off..
    24. Down Under, Thunder
    25. Max Attacks          
    26. Familiar Faces
    27. What a Blast
    28. Changing Gears
    29. And Then There Were Two               
    30. Let The Games Begin, Again
    31. Runaway Daichi
    32. Beyblade Idol
    33. Out of Their Leagues
    34. The Mysterious Mystel
    35. Pros and Ex-Cons
    36. Boris, the Blade Stops Here   
    37. The Bega Challenge
    38. Bega on the Rise
    39. Rebel Alliance         
    40. Back to Basics              
    41. And Justice Five For All
    42. When You Wish Upon A Star     
    43. Sing Ming Ming Sing!
    44. Refuse to Lose
    45. Max to the Maxx       
    46. The Return of Kai
    47. Now You're Making Me Mad
    48. Beyblading Spirit
    49. Principles of Victory      
    50. Welcome to My Nightmare      
    51. Brooklyn's Back
    52. Battle of the Ages

Beyblade V-Force Episodes

     1. Shot Down in Flames!
     2. The Search for Mr. X * new *
     3. Unseen and Unleashed * new *
     4. Searching for Dragoon * new *
     5. Guess Who's Back in Town? * new *
     6. The Magtram Threat * new *
     7. The Reunion Begins * new *
     8. Return of the Bladebreakers! * new *
     9. La Isla Bey-Nita * new *      
    10. The Island of No Return * new *
    11. The Evil Island of Dr. B
    12. Bring Me Dranzer * new *  
    13. Testing One, Two, Three    
    14. Gideon Raises Gerry!
    15. Show Me the Bit-Beasts!
    16. Team Psykick's New Recruit
    17. Prelude to Destiny / Hilary's Bey-B-Cue
    18. When Friends Become Foes
    19. Their Own Private Battles
    20. The Power Half Hour!!
    21. The Battle Tower Showdown
    22. Max Takes One for the Team
    23. The Bigger the Cyber-Driger..The Harder It Falls
    24. Ghost in the Machine
    25. Raising Kane!!          
    26. Cyber Dragoon Takes Control!
    27. Building the Perfect Bit Beast!
    28. Hot Rock             
    29. A Friend's Cry / Bad Seed in the Big Apple
    30. Get a Piece of the Rock!
    31. Attack of the Rock Bit Beast
    32. Lots of Questions...Few Answers
    33. Rock Bottom!
    34. Itzy Bey-Itzy Spider
    35. See No Bit Beast, Hear No Bit Beast
    36. Friends and Enemies  
    37. Battle at the Bit-Beast Corral
    38. The Fate of The Spark Battle
    39. The Bit Beast Bond        
    40. Squeeze Play              
    41. Who's Your Daddy?
    42. Fortunes Dear and Dire    
    43. Kai's Royal Flush
    44. The Calm Before the Storm
    45. Zeo vs. Ozuma         
    46. Black & White Evil Powers
    47. Deceit from Above  
    48. Phoenix Falling 
    49. The Enemy Within         
    50. Clash of the Tyson         
    51. Destiny of the Final Battle

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