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    Beyond Shadowgate

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released 1993

    The sequel to the original Shadowgate. ICOM developed it exclusively for the NEC TurboGrafx-CD. It was one of a handful of US exclusives for the system.

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    Beyond Shadowgate is a 1993 TurboGrafx-CD game and the sequel to 1987's ICOM MacVenture game Shadowgate. Beyond Shadowgate continues several hundred years after the original, putting the player in the shoes of Lord Jair's distant descendant Prince Erik.

    The game adopts a more traditional point and click interface, with the hero visible on screen who is able to be moved around. The game also has combat: the player can punch with the action button, though Erik can only take a limited number of hits from most enemies. The frequent deaths that the series is known for are present in this game too, but the player is able to save their progress anywhere using up to three save slots as a small mercy.


    Prince Erik is travelling the world broadening his wisdom when he is suddenly forced to return home due to the assassination of his father, Kind Aronde. Before he can assume the throne, he is framed by the assassin and thrown in jail. Erik's younger sister, Elizabeth, believes Erik to be innocent and helps him escape his cell before she is taken away.

    The spirit of King Aronde tells Prince Erik that the assassination is far more insidious than a simple political coup, and informs him that his betrayer -- the King's former advisor, Belezaar -- has designs on the dangerous secrets of Castle Shadowgate itself, which the royal family has been charged with protecting these many years. Prince Erik must stop Belezaar at any costs and prevent the Behemoth's revival, clearing his name and rescuing his sister in the process.


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