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In the story of the Beyond: Two Souls, Jodie Holmes is found on the side of the road by the police and unable to recall who she is and how she got there. After being interrogated and lastly comforted, it is revealed that she posses a supernatural ability related to her newly shaved head bearing a fresh scar. According to game creator David Cage, Jodie seems to be linked to the soul of a being trapped between life and death which grants her abilities that are beyond human understanding. Abilities like telekinesis and physical possession. She is powerful enough that a SWAT team was brought in covertly to bring her in. The game follows 15 years of Jodie's life, although it is unclear at this time how different years are handled or if they are even shown in any type of order.

Jodie Holmes is portrayed by and modelled after actress Ellen Page. An uncanny likeness is achieved using full body scanning. Ellen Page was chosen for the role by David Cage for her ability to portray strong yet flawed characters. He believes she is the perfect actress for the role and gamers will "fall in love" with her from the start of the game.

"Kara" Technology

Quantic Dream's
Quantic Dream's "Kara" demo.

Although it is not confirmed, many have claimed it apparent that the facial animation engine utilized in the game's initial trailer, bares resemblance to the developing "Kara" technical demonstration. Quantic Dream is using an evolved version of the technology used in Heavy Rain; the updated tech combines body performance motion capture with full facial motion capture which is used to deliver sophisticated performance animation.


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