Beyond.. I hear a Far Cry...3 times?

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From my blog post...

"About a year ago I sold my Backwards Compatible PS3. When I bought it my primary interests were nothing more than God of War 3 and Metal Gear Solid 4. I had both of those and about 20 other various PS3 games. After I beat GOW3 I really didnt see anything on the horizon that I wanted to play. I bought into some of the Killzone hype and was greatly disappointed by the gameplay, I had some adventures with Little Big Planet but im not the creative type so making my own levels never worked out. I had a great time with Infamous but that was short lived.

So now here I sit watching the replay of the Sony press conference. David Cage walks onto the stage, a man who fills me with contempt. I really just dislike him and his attitude but thats not important! He showed off Beyond. Not generally my type of game, not by a long shot. I played Heavy Rain and it was alright but I could never see myself finishing it. Beyond on the other hand...watching the brief gameplay video I found myself wanting to know whats next. Thats the magic not alot of games have. Sometimes a game asks a question, not a literal question but a question none the less. It doesnt matter how good or bad the game is, it doesnt matter if it pisses you off constantly, all that matters is the drive forward, to see where the story takes you. Beyond asks that question and I must play it. SO! Im going to need to buy myself a new PS3 here soon. Im considering buying a used Backwards Compatible model from ebay.

Now I havent finished watching the replay of the Sony conference yet. In fact im just up to the part where they show off Far Cry 3. It was that demo that made me come here. That game needs some serious serious polish and I hope they get it fixed before its released. You dont normally see E3 demo's in such a sad state. The game has some major lighting and texture filtering issues. The draw distance on the effects is way too close and when they pop in its blatant and ugly. The game also seems to have some serious frame rate issues and ALOT of screen tear. If your game cant look decent and run at a decent frame rate with vsync turned on then its time to dial back some of the effects so that it can. If the game releases like that there is no chance ill buy it. No graphics arent everything but when they are that broken it becomes a distraction."

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Why did you repost this?

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Weird internal link spamming thingie.

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You know you can attach your blog posts to the forum, right?

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I didnt repost it. I edited the post and it reposted itself.

Yes I know you can attach but I made the first post from my phone and it wasnt working quite right so I put a link in it too.

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