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    Bible Black -La Noche de Walpurgis-

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Nov 21, 2006

    An occult-themed pornographic adventure game.

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    Bible Black: La Noche de Walpurgis is a Japanese eroge (literally short for "erotic game") developed and published by Activesoft in 2000. The success of the original release led to another success in 2001 with a hentai anime adaptation produced by Milky Studio. The adaptation contained six episodes, and has since resulted in a two prequel episodes as well as a sequel and spinoff series, the later of which focuses on the minor characters of the story.

    Around 2006, Kitty Media obtained rights to the game and hentai, publishing them both with English subtitles.


    Because Bible Black is an interactive novel, the story differs greatly depending on how you play it. The game begins with you, Taki Minase, hearing rumors of a ritual held 12 years ago in the basement of your school. On the Night of Walpurgis, a group of students performed the ritual, and all involved died mysteriously. The basement has been locked ever since, and school authority claims it is merely an old storage room that is no longer in use. However, a small group of black magic apprentices, lead by Kaori Saeki, claim other wise. You decide not to believe these foolish ghost stories and ignore them.

    The Coven lead by Saeki
    The Coven lead by Saeki

    Still, when you are asked to lock up for the night and return a key to the faculty room, you find the key to the basement dangling in front of you and decide to check if all the rumors are true. Upon entering the basement, you obtain an ancient arcanum named Bible Black, an idiotic translation of "the black Bible". You take it home with you, unknowing of the power you will receive and how it will change or even end your life.


    There are a total of twelve different endings to the game, all of which are determined by a multitude of actions you decide to take throughout the course of play. Some stop the game abruptly, while others can make it last hours more. And while the endings, specifically, will be the same, the events leading up to them can still differ substantially.

    The endings, as titled within the game:

    • Kurumi Imari
    • Evil Never Dies - After following in Kitami's footsteps for some time, and taking on the role as her minion, you betray her in the end, claiming the power for yourself. The epilogue reveals your character a month later, you're already feared by the whole school, and your empire is beginning to expand.
    • Deceivers
    • Rika Shiraki - Having used the love curse on Rika at the beginning of the game, turning her madly in love with you, you find yourself trying to atone for your actions. You join Takashiro in trying to stop Saeki from doing any harm with witchcraft, but ultimately fail, and join the occult yourself. An epilogue reveals you several months later, having sex with a pregnant Rika Shiraki. It's all you've done since joining; sex and drugs.
    • Reika Kitami
    • Mika Ito - Only a few days after Mika Ito was cursed into 'dancing naked,' she discovers that it was you who cast the spell. She returns to school, confronts you on the rooftop, drugging you, and sending you into an untimely, yet erotic, death.
    • White Room
    • On The Road
    • Art Room
    • Miyuki Nonogusa
    • Knife
    • Hiroko Takashiro

    Extra Modes

    Like many interactive novels, Bible Black has some extra modes that allow you to revisit specific parts of the games.

    • BGM Mode

    Listen to the game's soundtrack.

    • CG Mode

    Allows you to look at any artwork from the game that you have already seen in story mode.

    • Erotic Mode

    Allows you to browse through a list of the sex scenes you unlocked in story mode. Basically why you bought the game in the first place. There are a total of 28 scenes to unlock.

    • Ending Check

    Shows you which of the 12 different endings you managed to obtain, these endings can be classed by game over (death in most cases) and evil and moral victories that vary in intensity.

    System Requirements

    This game is intended for use with Windows 95/98/NT4.0/2000/XP operating systems. The game requires the following:

    • CPU: Pentium 166 MHz minimum
    • Pentium II 233 MHz or higher recommended
    • Memory: 32 MB minimum /64 MB or higher recommended
    • Hard disk space: More than 460 MB
    • CD-ROM: 4x or better.
    • Graphics: 640*480 65000 colours minimum /Full colour recommended
    • MIDI source-16 bit sound card compatible
    • Mouse/Keyboard/Joystick can be used to control the game.


    • Bible Black's Japanese subtitle " La Noche de Walpurgis" is Spanish for "The Night of Walpurgis". Walpurgis Night is an actual holiday celebrated in large parts of northern Europe, notably Germany, Finland, and Sweden. It takes place on the eve of May, when supposedly witches would meet and pray to their gods for a good spring. Finland especially celebrates this holiday in grand fashion, holding all day carnivals in honor of the coming spring. The occult aspects of the celebration stem from it's origins as a Pagan holiday; much like All-Hallows Eve.

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