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The Big Book of Science is an object found in the Fallout franchise. It was written and published before the Great War, and the single book edition continues to be used in Vault 101's school. By reading a Big Book of Science the player's Science skill is increased. It appears in every core game of the franchise as well as in Fallout: Tactics.

In Fallout

Fallout 1, 2 and Tactics Model

In the original Fallout the Big Book of Science is actually a set of books kept together by a belt or cord. It contains information on several scientific fields. Reading the books will make time pass. There are 6 in Fallout 1. One Big Book of Science weighs 5 pounds.


CathedralIn the tower, on level 3, on the bookshelf
CathedralIn the lair, level 1, on the ground
GlowOn the first floor, in a locker
GlowOn the fourth floor, in a locker
HubBought from Mitch in Downtown
HubBought from Mrs. Stapleton in Downtown

In Fallout 2

In Fallout 2 Big Books of Science function exactly like they did in Fallout 1. There are 15 Big Books of Science in Fallout 2.

GeckoOn a shelf in the Supply Cabinet
Gecko PowerplantOn a shelf in the Manager's Office
Vault 8Inside of a locker in the South-Eastern quarters
StablesOn the shelf in Myron's workroom
Sierra Army DepotTwo in the desk of the CO
Sierra Army DepotIn the grips of a skeleton, level 4
NavarroOn a shelf in the Commander's Office
NavarroOn a workbench around Quincy
Oil RigIn the inventory of a scientist in the mainframe room
New California Republic (town)On the bookshelf in the outpost, NCR Bazaar
Vault CityCan be bought from Randall
Vault CityGiven to you by Chief Librarian Kohl if you talk about your love of books
San FranciscoBought from Lao Chao
San FranciscoBought from Jenna

In Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel

In Fallout Tactics: Brotherhood of Steel Big Books of Science function exactly as they did in Fallout 1 and 2. There are 13 Big Books of Science in Fallout Tactics.

Each Big Book of Science weighs 4 pounds.

Rock FallsOne is in the inventory of Diesoon, another is in a locked chest
PreoriaOne is in a desk and one is in a safe
JeffersonIn a fridge
Kansas CityTwo on two different shelves
Junction CityOn a bookshelf
Great BendIn a chest in Mike's House
Cold WaterSold by a civilian
NewtonIn the inventory of Tobias Peste
Scott CityBookshelf
Special EncounterTwo are purchasable in a random encounter with a merchant
Special EncounterOne is carried by Joe Grimm

In Fallout 3

In Fallout 3 the Big Book of Science is a different edition from the previous Big

Fallout 3 and New Vegas Model
Fallout 3 and New Vegas Model

Book of Science. As opposed to a bound set of books the Big Book of Science is a very large textbook. It is at least 1000 pages. This edition is the version Vault-Tec used for their East Coast vaults. There are 25 copies that the Lone Wanderer can find while traversing the Capital Wasteland. They weigh 2 pounds and will increase the player's Science skill by 1,or 2 if they have the Comprehension Perk. It is actually possible to get infinite copies of the Big Book of Science by killing the Ant Researcher in Shalebridge and taking it from his corpse. He respawns every 73 hours with another copy in his inventory.

Arlington CemeteryOn the kitchen Table in the Arlington House
Arlington LibraryOn top of a desk in a room with two sofas
Bethesda RuinsIn Bethesda Offices West, on the main desk of the ground floor
Broadcast Tower KB5In the inventory of a dead scientist on a bridge between Broadcast Tower KB5 and SatCom Array NW-07c
Broadcast Tower LP8In the Signal Echo Foxtrot sealed cistern
Chryslus BuildingOn a shelf in a room in the Building Basement
Corvega FactoryIn a waste container to the South. You have to jump in from the cliff from above.
Corvega FactoryTo your left on the second floor. It's either on top of the desk or a filing cabinet.
Fort BannisterIn an Average Locked room
Fort ConstantineLaunch Control Bunker from the CO Quarters of Fort Constantine, on a desk in the North-Eastern corner.
Galaxy News RadioHas to be stolen from a desk around Three Dog
Greener Pastures Disposal SiteNear a dead scientist in the back of a truck
Hallowed Moors CemeteryIn the lectern
Jury Street Metro StationOn a desk in the Drainage Center found South of Jury Street Metro
L'EnfantIn a Pulowksi Preservation Center
Marigold StationIn the lair of the Queen Ant, next to the terminal
MegatonGiven by Moira as a reward for part of the Wasteland Survival Guide
Nuka-Cola PlantOn the second floor in the office area
Rivet CityIt has to be stolen from Pinkerton's room
RobCo FactoryOn the command console on the ground floor, near the Protectron
Sewer WaystationIn the County Sewer Mainline, in a large three floored room
ShalebridgeOn the dead Ant Researcher
Tenpenny TowerIn your suite in Tenpenny Tower if you have the Scientist theme for your room
Vault-Tec HeadquartersCorporate offices, sitting on a wall shelf hanging over open air on the second floor
Warrington StationOn top of a table in the room with a door that leads to the Metro Access and Generator

In Fallout: New Vegas

In Fallout: New Vegas Big Books of Science function much like they did in Fallout 3. They give the Courier 3 points in the Science skill, or 4 with the Comprehension perk.

Brewer's Beer BootleggingIn the cellar. On the table with the chemistry kit.
Camp Forlorn HopeIn the Command Center
Executive Suites(Requires Dead Money DLC) On a shelf in Vera's room
Helios OneRewarded for distributing power through the network
Nipton HallOn the desk in the mayor's office
REPCONN HeadquartersBehind a Hard Locked door on the ground floor

Chemistry Journals

Chemistry Journals are found in Fallout 1 and 2. They use the exact same model as Big Books of Science but they do not increase the player's Science skill and except for a quest to upgrade the player's Power Armor in the original Fallout they are completely useless.

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