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Big Buck HD is a hunting game developed by Play Mechanix and published by Raw Thrills for the arcade platform. Big Buck HD contains content from previous Big Buck titles as well as brand new content. Big Buck HD machines come with two options to connect to the internet. The machines can be connected by plugging in an ethernet cable, connecting to WiFi, or by using the packed in Verizon cell modem.

Big Buck HD machines are equipped with a card reader allowing players to pay with a credit/debit card or a Big Buck player card.

Social Networking Features

Big Buck HD features integration with both Facebook and Twitter. With one or both of these services tied to a players account items like high scores, where the player is playing, and if a tournament is won can be automatically posted.

Each player that creates an account also has access to the website which contains the players profile and accomplishments. Players profiles can also be accessed via the companion app.

Player Cards

An example player card
An example player card

Once a player has created an account and finished their registration process can obtain a physical player card. These cards look similar to a credit card and can be swiped at any Big Buck HD machine to log in and use funds on the account.

Big Buck HD Pocket Guide

Available on both iPhone and Android platforms is a companion app called Big Buck HD Pocket Guide. This companion app allows players to find a location of a Big Buck HD machine, check player stats, view friends leaderboards, and manage account funds.


Big Buck HD is a light-gun shooter game in which players use a light-gun hunting rifle and are tasked with hunting certain animals.


The initial release of the game contained 5 different regular game animals, each of which had 3 accompanied hunting treks. The game animals included are from either North America or Africa. The game animals included in the initial release of the game are:

  • Whitetail Deer
  • Elk
  • Moose
  • Wildebeest
  • Kudu

In addition to the regular animals, during each trek the player will have the opportunity to hunt a dangerous trophy animal. If the dangerous trophy animal is successfully hunted, the player will earn additional points. The dangerous trophy animals will also try and attack the player. The dangerous trophy animals included in the initial release of the game are:

There are also 35 critter animals scattered throughout the various treks which will give the player a small bonus if hunted.

Showdown Mode

Showdown mode is an online enabled mode in which players enter into a lobby system and get matched up with another player from anywhere with an online connected cabinet. Multiple players can play on a single cabinet against other players at another site.

A random animal is chosen at the start of the game and each site will take turns playing the round. After all players have played their rounds, the scores will be compared and the highest wins. Winners in Showdown mode tournaments can win prizes or funds that are added to the players account.

Add-on Tournaments

Sample add-on tournament leaderboard
Sample add-on tournament leaderboard

Add-on tournaments are always running tournaments that pull from a small amount of players. Any game played can be entered into one of these automatically generated tournaments. Once a set number of players games are recorded into a tournament it is automatically closed and the funds are added to the winning players account. Once a tournament is closed, another will be automatically created.


An example of a badge
An example of a badge

Big Buck HD features badges that can be collected by obtaining certain tasks. These badges can only be earned using a machine that is connected to the internet. The game contains over 400 different badges that can be earned. Once a badge has been earned it will be displayed on the players profile page. Different challenges can only be completed at a specific day/time.

Buck Points

During gameplay and tournaments, players can earn a currency called buck points. Buck points can be used to purchase real world items such as T-shirts and hats at the Big Buck store.


Big Buck HD is available in 2 models, 32" Dedicated and Panorama. Both models come with a Dell branded computer inside with a 1 year warranty.

32" Dedicated

The 32" Dedicated edition of the game is the smaller of the two machines and is meant to fit in smaller spaces. This model of the game comes with a dedicated 32" monitor which is enclosed in the unit.


The panorama version of the cabinet is meant to be fitted with a 42"-55" widescreen 1080p LCD monitor/TV. With this cabinet the operator is meant to purchase and furnish the machine with the monitor as it does not come with it.


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