Big Buck Hunter Pro

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    The first Big Buck Hunter game created in conjunction with Raw Thrills. Big Buck Hunter Pro presents 5 animals available for hunting (6 for online cabinets), 15 bonus rounds (3 extras for online cabinets), and 12 critters to shoot. Critters are a new way of scoring to get extra points on each site. Adventures are now separated by animal instead of region. Big Buck Hunter Pro also introduces Shootout, where 2 people shoot side by side each other and one tries to get more points than the other player.

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    Big Buck Hunter Pro is a light-gun shooter developed by Raw Thrills and published by Play Mechanix for the arcade platform.


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    Each round will present 3 Bucks to take down, and as the game progresses it gets more challenging. There are many trees, bushes and does that get in the line of sight. The Bucks can also be off in the distance, making it harder to shoot them. Don't shot the Doe, otherwise it's game over! Bucks can be taken down in a variety of ways; a head shot, heart shot, or just pepper the poor animals!

    The Modes


    Up to 4 players can play, taking turns to shoot the most Bucks. You can choose to do a single Trek or do the full Adventure.


    The cabinet has two guns which both come into play when you pick this mode. Everything about this mode is pretty much the same except both players are shooting at the same Bucks simultaneously. Which means the clever player will steal kills off the other player once the bucks have taken a hit or two. If one player shoots a doe, they are done until the next site begins.

    Bonus Rounds

    Between each area players take part in a bonus round. Usually this involves hitting 30 odd targets, which include shooting at bottles, cow pats and gophers, in the quickest time and with the most accuracy. Bonus rounds are also playable by themselves in Bonus Only.

    The Cabinet

    Cabinet Shot
    Cabinet Shot

    BBHP comes in two styles of cabinet; the 38" deluxe and the 29" standard cabinet. The 38" cabinet is hard to find and there have only been reports of it in Australia.


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