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Big Bull's human body was heavily injured four years ago. He chose to discard it and transplant his brain into a cybernetic body. Similar to a boss in MadWorld, "Big Bull" Crocker, but his relation to that character is unknown outside of the obvious appearance.

In Anarchy Reigns, Big Bull runs a gang out of an abandoned foundry in Altambra. After being defeated by Jack, he decides to become his ally.

  • Name: Big Bull
  • Age: 35 (became a cyborg at age 31)
  • Height: 2.88m / 9'4"
  • Weight: 1300kg / 2866 lbs
  • Category: Cyborg
  • Killer Weapon: Jet Hammer, a jet-powered hammer that doubles as a jetpack.

Voice Actor

Big Bull is voiced by:

  • Kenichiro Matsuda (JP)
  • Rick D. Wasserman (EN)


  • "I was born horny!"
  • "May your horns grow long!"
  • "Bullshit! BULLSHIT!"

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