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    Big Mountain Research and Development Center

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    The Big Mountain Research and Development Center, or more simply "Big MT", was an underground research facility that conducted unethical research on living human subjects, among other things.

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    Big Mountain was a privately owned pre-war research center and defence contractor, home to some of the greatest minds of the 21st Century. Originally constructed underground, inside a large mountain, a disastrous incident vaporised the rock and left Big MT exposed to the elements in a colossal crater.  


    The "Think Tank" 
    In 2281, at the time of the Courier's arrival, only six of the original Big MT research staff remain. They are collectively known as the "Think Tank." 
    • Doctor Klein, Chief Administrator and self-appointed leader of the Think Tank. 
    • Doctor Borous, head of "animalogy, beastology and DNA-scrambling." 
    • Doctor Dala, biologist.
    • Doctor O, robotics engineer. 
    • Doctor 8, soundwaves and acoustics engineer. Unable to speak after an assault by Elder Elijah.
    • Doctor Mobius, former colleague of the Think Tank, exiled to the X-42 "Forbidden Zone."


    Big MT was responsible for the creation of a number of powerful technologies, including: 
    • Stealth Suit and Hazmat Suit technology
    • Auto-Docs 
    • Holograms
    • Force Fields
    • Matter Conversion technology, used in the Sierra Madre Vending Machines
    The research center, and particularly Doctor Borous, was also responsible for the creation of a number of genetic experiments, many of which plague the Mojave

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