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The perfect example of a great bad game! 2

After experiencing a couple of great games,you will feel the need to play a bad game.I love bad games.They're bad,but being bad makes them really funny.You'll laugh at the bugs,you'll take funny screenshots & you'll also have a good laugh with your friends about that "epic game I rated 2.0 " .I didn't hear about Big Rigs untill last year. A 1.0 rated game at Gamespot, 0.3 Critic Rating ,& a very cool video review by Alex Navarro.Than I said: "I must get this game,no matter what!" .A hard...

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Big Rigs: Under the Road Racing 0

Nothing masters disaster like this little gem. One of the best tools out there on how not to program a game. I come back to Big Rigs time and time again anytime I need a good laugh. Possibly one of the most enjoyable games I've ever played. If you're bored without a game to play.... Pick up Big Rigs, you'll have a tough time putting it down. ...

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Quite Possibly The Greatest Game Ever 2

Big Rigs: Over The Road Racing is quite possibly the greatest video game ever created. It combines stunning graphics (those brown block buildings have never looked so darn good), exciting gameplay (you can drive over mountains into an endless void!), and spectacular audio (that techno song gets me every time!) Better yet, the game isn't all that challenging, so new players can catch on easy! In fact, the other racer doesn't even move, and if he does, he stops before the finish line so the player...

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It deserves MORE than five stars 0

With its next gen physics engine and 4 different fully high-res rigs as its protagonists how can you go wrong?Not only can you manipulate space and time but you can defy gravity as well. There are no obstacles when you are an almighty rig except for the ultimate traffic stopper: a police roadblock. However with the power of the rigs on your side even those ultimate traffic stoppers pose no challenge.Graphics: 10/10Gameplay: 11/10Sound: 10/10 (best intro song ever)WINNER: W/W...

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This epic production re-defines what games are. 1

Here's a story for you. A few years ago I was suffering from a disease and the doctor had no idea how to cure it. So someone suggested Big Rigs to me. It not only cured my disease, but also improved my life and well-being far beyond what it ever was and gave me the power and courage to go on and do great things. I joined Rigism and found many other people with similar stories, and together we helped to preach this game even further.If I were to describe this game in one sentence, I would definit...

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I own 4 copies 2

Seriously, I own 4 copies of this game.Why 4 copies? Because I love it so much. Because it fills me with joy. Because there is no life without BROTRR. Because it completes me.Don't just go out and "buy" it. I encourage everyone to go out and "Support" it with their love, kindness, and money.Believe the Hype.. this is the future. The Real Deal....

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Best Game Ever Made!!! 0

Big Rigs Over The Road Racing is the best video game ever made. This is done through a flawless game engine and a tremendous amount of work that was put into this game. The physics for this game are superior to those found by its competition. The obstacles in this game such as houses and trees are all made so that the truck can go through them. The trunks in this game have no cargo so it would be easier to reach speeds that surpass both the speed of light and the speed of sound. This game is the...

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Big Rigs BLOWS every game out of the water! 2

Let me expain my love and desire for a game like Big Rigs. I first encountered it in 2005 when I watch GameSpot's Alex Navarro playing this masterful game and reaching to a conclusion of only giving it a 1.0. Now my expectations for this game was low, so I decided to buy it off Ebay for 99p and here I am, in 2008 still playing this addicting game and realised that Big Rigs blows every other racing game out of the water!My first reactions to playing this game was WOW! I had a pretty high spec mac...

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