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    Big Sky Trooper

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released October 1995

    Help defend humanity from the evil Space Slug forces in this 1995 adventure game for the SNES.

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    Big Sky Trooper is a comedic sci-fi game from LucasArts that features a human civilian gang-pressed into the military to deal with an invasion of the Space Slugs, which has conquered almost all of known space. The game has the player move around space in their ship, the E.S.S. Direwolf, destroying Slug starfighters from orbit before beaming down to the surface in their mech to destroy any remaining enemies on the surface. The player is given tasks to do which requires them visit certain planets and either meet with NPCs, recover key items or destroy certain objects to complete those missions.

    The top-down sections of the game, where the player is in their mech, are built with the gameplay engine created for Zombies Ate My Neighbors, another LucasArts SNES game with a comic B-movie sensibility.


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