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    Big Surf Island

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    Big Surf Island is a new location in Burnout Paradise. It is an island off the coast of Paradise City that was added as DLC.

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    Big Surf Island is an add-on to the open world of Burnout Paradise. It is roughly the same size as "Downtown Paradise", one of the zones in Paradise City. Big Surf Island was released on June 11, 2009 on Xbox Live, PlayStation Network, and the in-game Burnout Store. The island was not ever officially released for PC, however. PC gamers have to download a mod called Vanity Pack 2.0 in order to drive on the island.

    Setting and Features

    Big Surf Island has a tropical feel to it. Criterion Games has proclaimed that while on Big Surf Island, "If you can see it, you can drive it." The front side of the island is a city with jumps through constructions sites and off of Skyscrapers and the back side has a lot of dirt roads and a huge beach. It features added Super Jumps, Billboards and Smashes, with some of the jumps being the biggest ever added to the game, dubbed Mega Jumps. The billboards, smashes, and jumps are marked with an new tropical orange color, encripted with the Big Surf Island logo. There were also nine new cars put into the pack, one of which being "The Dust Storm" which is basically a Dune Buggy.

    The island has five sub-districts:

    • Paradise Keys Bridge – Just the bridge itself, which serves as the island's entrance and exit. The side heading towards the mainland is complete, but the side heading towards the island is under construction.
    • Midtown – The first sub-district when arriving on the island from the bridge, with tall hotels and a large, spiraling parking garage.
    • North Beach – Aptly named for its large drivable beach on the island's north shore, it has a large circular sewer vent with several split ramps for barrel rolls.
    • South Coast – Home of a large construction site and the Crash TV Ski Jump, the largest jump in the entire game.
    • Perren's Point – The entire east side of the island is a rural area marked by one long, twisting road (Maguire Road) and a large resort that's under construction.

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