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    Big Town

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    A town full of grown up children who migrated from Little Lamplight in Fallout 3.

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    Big Town is the place where the residents of Little Lamplight go after hitting their 16th birthday. It is located in what was once a small section of suburban homes and is now used as a makeshift fortress. The town is led by a female named Red and the town is often on watch for Super Mutants, slavers, and other shady characters. The residents explain how those leaving Little Lamplight expect Big Town to be filled with food and other luxuries and how it's supposed to be an awesome place to live. 
    In actuality, the residents of Big Town are constantly under attack by Super Mutants and Slavers. The former drag people back to Germantown Police HQ while the latter most likely take their victims to Paradise Falls.


    Big Town on the Pip Boy map
    Big Town on the Pip Boy map

    Big Town is located on the banks of the river running through the middle of the wastes, far to the north of Vault 101 and southeast of the Moonbeam Outdoor Cinema. It is hard to get into at first, with fortress like walls made up of wasteland junk and destroyed vehicles in order to fend off constant attack surrounding it.


    There are a number of people living in Big Town - all of them coming of age and finding it hard to adjust to life in the wastes:

    • Red - The town medic, but Red is not in the town when you first arrive (instead she is kidnapped by supermutants instead). She can be rescued by the Vault dweller in the, 'Big Trouble In Big Town' Marked quest and can be convinced into giving you free medical care (despite admitting you are a much better doctor than herself)

    • Sticky - Sticky is not at Big Town upon first entry but must be guided there from Little Lamplight by the Vault dweller. He is best known for having a motor mouth and not shutting the hell up, sometimes repeating the same story 2 or even 3 times. He is, however, useful as a pack mule for storing items, and he can be told to shut up with an incredibly difficult speech check (Bethesda must have known he was annoying as hell). He is good friends with Red (see above) and if she has not been rescued by you before his arrival, the others say not to tell him about her abduction (as to avoid upsetting him)

    • Flash - Flash is one of the characters from Big Town who will ask the Vault Dweller to engage in a hostage rescue quest on the stolen residents of Big Town. Speaking to him will give the Vault Dweller the option of traveling to the Germantown Police HQ. He is known for boasting about his "special weapon" despite it being a standard 32. caliber pistol. If you provoke him he will inform you that everyone in the town is a trained killer. Further provocation forces him to panic, insisting that none of the residents have any combat skill and that nobody really knows how to use a gun.

    • Shorty - Shorty is one of the kidnapped people from Big Town (alongside Red) during the 'Big Trouble in Big town' quest. He is found in the basement of the Germantown police station and is obviously traumatized by the events he witnessed there, primarily the slaughter of other town residents. His first priority upon escape is rescuing Red, and even becomes a little forsy towards the player if they mention they have already rescued her, stating that they better not be lying. He is not very proficient with most weaponry and as such makes quite a poor companion for combat.

    The town also has a distressed security guard who watches the entrance to Big Town and will talk to you when you first enter.

    Related Quests

    By talking to the residents of Big Town, you can start the "Big Trouble In Big Town" quest in which you must travel to the Germantown Police HQ and rescue the two missing residents: Red, who is required for the quest, and Shorty, who is optional.

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