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    Biker Mice From Mars

    Game » consists of 2 releases. Released Dec 31, 1994

    Isometric cartoon racing/combat game based on the popular TV series.

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    Biker Mice From Mars is an isometric racing game based on the 1990s cartoon of the same name. Three anthropomorphic mice from Mars (who happen to be bikers) escape to Earth after their home planet is conquered by the fish-like Plutarkians and help the citizens of Earth to avoid the same fate.

    This Super Nintendo game from Konami is a racing game with vehicular combat that pits the trio of Biker Mice - Throttle, Modo and Vinnie - against several of their recurring enemies: Greasepit, Dr. Karbunkle and Lawrence Limburger. Each character has their own distribution of three core stats: Max speed, grip (handling) and acceleration. It uses an isometric perspective and plays similarly to Rare's RC Pro-Am or Blizzard's Rock N' Roll Racing.

    When the animated TV show was rebooted in 2006 it saw equivalent video game adaptations for the Nintendo DS and PlayStation 2. Those games should not be mistaken for this one.


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