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Alternately known as Billiards, Konami's Billiards and Exciting Billiards, this is an early pool simulator with several interesting features. Konami created it as part of their sports series, which would be dubbed as "Exciting" for their NES/FDS releases to compete with Nintendo's native "Family" sports series.

Konami went the extra mile and created some additional flavor to the game by way of a "Hustler's Club" with various patrons that will play for money. The player can also spot a fully-stocked bar, a pinball table and foosball table visible while playing.

Konami is fond of pool simulators, having created Video Hustler for arcades in the early 80s. Konami would eventually release Rack 'Em Up (known in Japan as simply The Hustler) later in 1987, using several of the features that made their debut in Konami's Billiards as well as much of its gambling den atmosphere.


While the player can see the table in a customary top-down view, they are also privy to smaller windows depicting the view from behind the cue ball to help visualize just where it will go as well as a side-view of the cue itself, which the player can use to judge the power of the shot.

The game has four separate modes, simulating four different variations of billiards:

  • Break Shot: The basic single-player mode. In this mode the goal is to play classic pool against steadily more difficult opponents, making larger bets and raking in more money.
  • Nine Ball: An additional rule in 9-ball is that the player can only hit the lowest numbered ball on the table. Any ball can be potted legally, as long as the lowest numbered is the first hit. Potting the nine ball (legally) wins the game.
  • Rotation: Like in 9-ball, only the lowest numbered can be hit. Unlike 9-ball, all balls must be potted before the game is won. There are also ten instead of nine.
  • Rack Game: Basic pool rules, as all fifteen balls are in play and can be potted in any order. The player is not required to hit the lowest numbered ball first.

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