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    Billy Thomson

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    Billy Thomson is the Creative Director at Rockstar Dundee.

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    Billy began his career in the games industry in January of 1996, when he joined DMA Design as a Level Designer. Thrown in at the deep end, he cut his design teeth on the original Grand Theft Auto (GTA), after releasing GTA he worked on Tanktics, before moving on to complete GTA 2. He joined Rage (Scotland) in early 2001 where he worked as a Senior Designer on the multiplayer FPS game Mobile Forces, following which he became Lead Designer on Realtime Worlds’ first title, Crackdown. Crackdown was released in February 2007 to rave reviews and has since then sold 1,800,000 copies for the Xbox 360. After completing Crackdown he spent a few months researching and prototyping possible game ideas for an undisclosed project before he decided to leave Realtime Worlds to join Xen Group to help the company pitch the design for Crackdown 2 with MGS. Xen Group were successful with their pitch and reformed as Ruffian Games where he is currently the Creative Director.


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