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    Billy is the first monkey to enter the F-Zero GP, mainly due to his boosted intelligence and reflexes. His machine is the Mad Wolf.

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    Billy is a descendant of the first monkey that flew into space. His bloodline has been linked to machines and speed ever since, which some suppose is the reason why his skills as a pilot are truly astonishing. Billy was taught the human language and written arts, at the same time as his pilot skills were perfected. He has now entered the F-Zero GP as the first monkey in this type of racing.


    The Mad Wolf is a pretty well balanced ship, lacking some grip but compensating in a great top speed. Billy´s machine is much like Pico´s Wild Goose: it has good build quality and top speed, yet feels slippery on the back. However, some players may find this to their advantage, as the strategy while piloting the Mad Wolf is to go berserk against other ships and take turns at full speed while maintaining the loose reaer end under control.

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