Binary Domain was an incredibly pleasant surprise

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I picked this thing up on a whim during some sale it had on Steam. I played through the first section of the tutorial then put it down for like, I dunno, a month? Anyway, I picked it back up because it was on my installed games list and just crunched through the entire thing. Wow, this game was pretty damn awesome. Also, playing things on PC w/a controller beats playing on consoles hands down if your computer can handle higher resolutions and options turned up.

Just thought I should chime in here along side the other people who seem to have enjoyed this game. It started off slow (to the point that I just turned it off) but once it gets going, it really picks up. I thoroughly enjoyed the story and characters (another impressive feat for the type of game this is) and the enemy and level designs were really impressive. Especially some of the larger bosses.

Anyway, if you can grab this on the cheap, I'd recommend you do so. The story is pretty good if you give it half a chance. Big Bo!

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#2 Posted by Enigma777 (6285 posts) -


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It really was!

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Word. So glad I got it on the Steam Summer Sale and Cain is the coolest French robot that I will ever know.

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I agree. I just beat it (for the firs time) last night, and I feel like I enjoyed the story more than all the Mass Effect's put together.

I have to play it on Survivor now to get the best ending.. I HAVE to.

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I agree, the controls and guns felt great and the story actually turned into something really interesting.

A shame it can be so easily brushed off, cause it was a highly enjoyable game.

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#7 Posted by psylah (2292 posts) -

Just finished this myself, great story.

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Sucks that no one plays online. 

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EVERYONE ALIVE?! Holler if you're dead!!!

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Yeah, I jumped on it when I found out that it was by the same guys who make the Yakuza games.

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Yeah this was my big fun sleeper shooter this year. I really enjoyed the hell out of it. Probably one of the first games to really make shooting robots feel satisfying.

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#12 Posted by SlasherMan (1723 posts) -

Picked it up on the latest Steam sale and playing through it right now. Love it.

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Its probably going to end up on my top 10 Games of The Year. The relationship I have with Big Bo is too close to deny him that.

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@MikkaQ said:

Yeah this was my big fun sleeper shooter this year. I really enjoyed the hell out of it. Probably one of the first games to really make shooting robots feel satisfying.

Vanquish did a very good job of making fighting robots fun as well.

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Fuck a Steam sale; I paid full retail for this and was glad to have done so. I will say, however, that--as much as I enjoyed the Quick Look, it ultimately seems as if they did this game a disservice. I suspect that most everyone who's made pointless references to Big Bo (in various comment sections across the site, etc.) are people who never actually played the game. There's so much more to it…

Binary Domain deserves to be taken seriously; its story in particular is among the best in the genre.

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@Catarrhal: If anything Binary domain deserver to not be taken seriously. It's a super fun game, and i love it's characters, but the main story plot and the games handling of AI issues is hilarious at best. If i took it seriously it would be too painfull.

(guess it comes from being a serious science fiction fan)

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@Tennmuerti: That's fair. All I'm saying is that it's worth checking out, which very few people have. As far as the story is concerned--again, consider the competition: Cliffy B. ain't exactly Bill Shakespeare.

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#18 Posted by Tennmuerti (9082 posts) -

@Catarrhal: For sure.

And like others have also mentioned in this thread as well I was surprised how fun this game made shooting robots, more impactfull and more entertaining then most fps games make shooting dudes. Plus the characters were (again) surprisingly likable (especially compared to the QL representation)

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Finished BD today on 360. Way more game than I was expecting, despite a lot of positive buzz here at GB. The lvls and gameplay were well done and at times very entertaining. The characters were interesting and funny at times, and plenty hammy as per games in general tbh.

The few areas where you could talk to npcs were amazing. There was something organic feeling in them, unlike most other games.

The story was good sci-fi imo. And the story twists were cool coming down the stretch. Far better than the way most games manage to close out for sure.

Anyway, worth a play and it's cheap, especially on the pc. The game looked surprisingly good on my bigscreen via 360, and yeah, like many others, this game's goodness wasn't revealed in that QL. No fault of Jeff's really, just the reality of that QL's brevity. I recommend.

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#20 Posted by Animasta (14903 posts) -

@jorbear said:

Its probably going to end up on my top 10 Games of The Year. The relationship I have with Big Bo is too close to deny him that.

hell, as of right now it's #1 for me. I mean I played the other games on my list more, but damned if there wasn't something about binary domain that makes it better than those other games.

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Yup, terrific game. Being used to the Yakuza games (from the same staff) I was expecting a good story, which I got, but the game was kinda short. The Yakuza games are usually at least 20 hours, and that's before you factor in side missions. Still, I guess the short length helps to replay it and see how the story changes depending on trust levels.

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#22 Posted by Hunter5024 (6702 posts) -

Am I a bad person for writing this game off due to the Quick Look?

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Played it earlier in the year and really enjoyed it. As it stands, it's certainly in the list as one of the top games I've played this year, hopefully we get some better games because right now it ain't looking great.

Plus Cain... how can you go wrong?

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Very underrated game but with a name like BINARY DOMAIN and a box cover that kinda screams bargain bin shooter.. I REALLY enjoyed it and leading up to the release, seeing all the trailers for it I thought it looked like utter trash. Such a pleasant surprise in the end! It's not a stretch to say I was SHOCKED with how much I really enjoyed playing that game.

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Ignoring the control issues and some of the garish bosses and other silly things, I can say I did enjoy the plot and feel of the game.

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#26 Posted by dabe (302 posts) -

I'm currently finding it extremely difficult to reconcile my feelings on this game. On the one hand, the trust mechanic, feel of the shooting, odes to Metal Gear, Final Fantasy and even KoTOR in level/UI/boss design are great but something about the game doesn't sit right. I think it mainly stems from the constant shooting, even during traversal levels (which I would prefer to be less intensive). Also, the character design of Dan seems to be based on a beefed-up Lance Armstrong, which is hard to get past as an enthusiast of road cycling.

Anyways, nearing the end, just met Amada (who looks like a decrepit Kazuma from Yakuza) and I'm left ambivalent. As for games of 2012 for me, it will likely be amongst the top 10 or just outside (Dark Souls/Skyrim/Crusader Kings II/Pro Cycling Manager 2012/Deus Ex: Human Revolution among others are in the mix at the moment).

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#27 Posted by KevinK (217 posts) -

Just want to chime in - this is a great game.

The action is fun. I'm playing on the PC with mouse and keyboard and there are a little console-itis issues but I remapped the controls and it plays like a charm.

The characters are fun.

The story won't win any Pullitzer Awards, but I found it kinda fun and engaging. I also like the Metal Gear Solid games and the story of this game seems kinda similar with its Japanese sci-fi bullshit. I mean, "Hollow Children"?

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Really enjoyed this game. It will probably figure into my Top 10 this year.

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I just finished the game after hearing Patrick's "shut up game!" from the turn in the story. So picked it up and was totally surprised at how good this game is. I would agree with any mechanical problems people would have. Sometimes team-mates ran into my fire but it didn't lower trust that much so w/e. But I was totally expecting an entirely different twist from the beginning until the news comes out about Faye. (I thought via the flashbacks that they were going to be that Dan was a Hollow and that he was the robot that got destoryed by the kid or something around those lines). After playing this I gotta say that I am kinda bummed that Sega is in such horrible shape because I would love another game in this universe (not really the same people), love the robots pieces flying off.

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Picked this up for £5 in the Steam sale and think it might be one of the more underrated games I've played in a long while. Maybe not as exhilarating as Vanquish but considering what I paid for it it's giving Gears of War a run for its money. Not even exaggerating... having a blast here.

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