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    Binary Domain

    Game » consists of 10 releases. Released Feb 28, 2012

    A group of international soldiers take on an army of rogue androids in this sci-fi shooter set in 2080's Tokyo.

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    A Japanese documentary on how Americans make action games. 0

    Dan has issues with Robots.From a distance, it’s easy to shrug off Binary Domain as yet another “me to” game that’s simply peddling off the success of Epic’s dominant franchise. Yes, Sega’s answer to Gears of War has Roadie-Runs, D-Pad controls for switching weapons, and even a large sleeveless black dude that is clearly drawn from the Coal Train. Upon closer examination, Binary Domain has the heart to stand out from the crowd despite some shortcomings.The year is 2080, global warming has caused...

    4 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    The Terminator meets Blade Runner in one helluva fun ride 0

    Let me be honest here. Binary Domain didn't impress me much at first. Mechanically, it seems like something we've seen many times before: The game is, at its core, a pretty basic Gears of War-style cover shooter. It doesn't do much to wow you, at first, with some fairly bland indoor environments and stiff animation, and a tutorial-ish part that is a bit too long.However, there's two things that I could appreciate from the get-go.First of all is how well Sega implemented hit-detection into the sh...

    3 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    Great story, fun shooting 0

    Binary Domain is a fun game that can be enjoyed for both its story and gameplay. The shooting in the game is extremely satisfying, as the player gets the feeling that bullets actually have some "weight" to them. Shooting robots down to bits and pieces is fun, and only gets more rewarding as the game progresses due to the various weapon upgrades available to the player.The upgrades are offered via terminals, or shops, throughout the game and allow the player to buy upgrades or stock up on more he...

    2 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    This game is f*cking awesome! 0

    Love the story its very gripping, and i felt during the combat portions, it was very reminiscent of gears of war and mass effect third person action with squad mechanics. The story had me so hooked that i actually pulled an all-nighter to finish it, then the last hour or so, you don't really see much of the plot twists coming, and i know i like/hate after credit true endings/bonus endings, but in this case its an amazing ending. If your on the fence of whether to try this game or not, i definate...

    3 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    10 Types of Cover-Based Shooter: Binary Domain & Everything Else 0

    Never let it be said that I don't occasionally leave my RPG comfort zone for something a little more faster-paced and visceral. Sega's Binary Domain is a near-future (2080! Mark your calendars!) third-person shooter that follows a "Rust Crew" - a SWAT-like task force from a multinational organization called IRTA that monitors and enforces a global law that prohibits human-like robots - as they traipse across a Tokyo that's been largely devastated by the rising sea level caused by global warming....

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    A great story but a lot of bland shooting 0

    Binary Domain is a surprisingly competent Japanese take on a predominately western genre of game.While I found the story to be well written and engrossing and the characters especially entertaining and interesting some pretty tedious and at times; annoying gameplay stops Binary Domain from being above average. Being the most obvious comparison yes this is another Gears of War style of shooter where you spend most of your time behind chest-high objects and popping yourself out to shoot enemies as...

    3 out of 5 found this review helpful.

    Far Better than it has Any Right Being 0

    At first glance, many would merely say that Binary Domain is Japan's answer to Gears of War, an obvious attempt to appeal to a massive audience in the West. But hidden underneath the layer of "me to" gameplay, is a gem of a game which combines Western sensibilities in regards to animations and shooting, and just enough Japanese craziness to stop it being swallowed up in the sea of bland third person shooters.If you have played GoW (and I do apologise for the reference, but there are clear parall...

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    The shooting is satisfying but the bells and whistles surrounding it could have used a little more polish. 0

    The RadSolid shooting and handling.Robot enemys are fun to dismantle.French robotThe BadTrust system is compromised by dumb A.I. partner.Voice recognition fails more often than not.I don’t feel like there’s loads to say on Binary Domain.It’s a solid, cover based third person shooter.It’s mechanically sound and fun to play.It doesn’t weave the greatest tale ever told, but you’ll meet some interesting characters along the way. All giving you decent enough incentive to shoot some robots.Robots are ...

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    “I can’t leave without my buddy Big Bo!” 0

    Sega and Yakuza Team have put together an impressive package – Some of the best shooting action of 2012 with some memorable characters and a slick presentation on par with the Metal Gear series. In Binary Domain, you play as Dan Marshall. As part of a Rust Crew, you and your buddy Big Bo break into a futuristic Tokyo where the slums are entirely separated from the upper city due to massive flooding. Robots are the name of the game, and you will shoot, maim, bash, and explode your way through hu...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

    Surprising good 0

    A little surprising gem to me, I wouldn't have even picked up this game if it wasn't for a quick look on giant bomb. It's not great but it's very enjoyable, there's a lot of influences on show here. Metal Gear Solid series stands out with allusions in the philosophical storyline on genes, memes, AI life etc and definitely in the boss fights. Other allusions to past games were there too but one time where this failed was the 'snowmobile' mission. It seems ever since MW2 a lot of developers feel o...

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    You'll BSoD to see it end 0

    Binary Domain doesn’t wear its influences on its sleeve – they’re welded there. The lack of an active reload is frankly astonishing, all things considered. However, forgiving the abundance of chest high architecture, burly black sidekick or rudimentary squad mechanics the game stands apart from Gears of War due to sheer . . .Japanesey-ness.There’s the robots, to start. Standing in for Gears of War’s Locusts (Loci?) comes an assortment of autonomous bullet sponges both refreshing to observe and s...

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    Japanese Craziness At Its Best 0

    A soldier named Big Bo. A French speaking robot. Robots that look like humans that don’t actually know they are robots. These are a few of the crazy things you can find in Binary Domain. It’s a Japanese take on the Western third-person shooter that actually manages to play well while keeping that insanity we love.You take control of a US soldier named Dan Marshall. He is part of a Rust Crew, task forces employed to fight against violaters of the New Geneva Convention, particularly Clause 21 whic...

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    Simply Fun 0

    In the future there will be robots. This is a fact, we have tons of movies to prove it! We also know that inevitably some of those robots will mimic their creators so closely that they'll become indistinguishable from human beings. What happens though when the robots themselves don't realize what they really are?In Binary Domain we get a glimpse of a not so far away future where the polar ice caps have melted and a large percentage of the planet has been engulfed by sea water. The poor get by in...

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    A Look Back At Binary Domain 0

    With Waypoint starting up a monthly video game club I decided to take part in it. Since I like writing small reviews of most of the games I play I figured it wouldn’t hurt to review this month's game too. Binary Domain was a third person shooter that came out in 2012. I played it when it was new and enjoyed it. Yet does it retain its positive qualities 5 years later? Before I answer that question let's go over a few things like the story and how the well the game plays. Big Bo is awesome...

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    Japanese Gears of War...That Works! 0

    I was ready to quickly write off Binary Domain but the game really did surprise me. If you feel the need to be a super reductionist then you can say Binary Domain is "Gears of War made by Japanese people", but strangely I think its better than anything the Gears game can offer (at leat in terms of single player content). The writing is fun and makes sense, characters have decent arcs, the gunplay is fun, the graphics are good, and there are even small RPG hooks to give the game certain depth.Dis...

    1 out of 1 found this review helpful.

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