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    Biometals are artifacts that contain data on various ancient heroes in the Mega Man ZX series.

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    Mega Man ZX

    Biometals are used by the main characters Vent and Aile to combine with each other to take the form of different Mega Men, based off the guardians in the Mega Man Zero series.

    Mega Man ZX Advent

    In Advent, the only Biometal the main characters Grey and Ashe are able to use is Biometal A, which has the A-Trans Ability to copy other bosses, including other Mega Man merged with different Biometals.

    List of Biometals

    Biometal NameControlled byNotes
    Model XVent/AileBased on Mega Man X
    Model ZVent/Aile/GirouetteBased on Zero
    Model ZXVent/AileBased on Zero
    Model HAeolusBased On Harpuia

    Model L

    ThetisBased on Leviathan
    Model FAtlasBased on Fefnir
    Model PSiarnaqBased on Phantom

    Model W

    Serpent, Albert, Prometheus, Pandora, ZX Advent PseuderoidsBased on Dr Weil
    Model OOmega Zero/Vent/AileBased on Omega Zero
    Model AGrey/AsheDesigned off Axl, Based on Master Albert
    Model aGrey/AsheDesigned on Mega Man

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