DLC (what I would do)

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#1 Posted by _Phara0h_ (926 posts) -

First of all I really hope they have some DLC for this game to extend the life span of the game. Cause the swinging mechanic is fun, and gives options for DLC like:

  • Mirrors Edge/BC:rearmed like checkpoint-time trial.
  • 4 to 6 person races with the bionic-arm with different pick ups on the way like guns to shoot down your adversaries.

Well if you have any ideas for DLC or do you think that DLC will not come?
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#2 Posted by EpicSteve (6908 posts) -

I feel like races are a good idea, but in practice would be annoying.

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#3 Edited by webby (731 posts) -

I find time trial's boring but racing against other people I think it could be really fun.

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#4 Edited by _Phara0h_ (926 posts) -

Well the time trail would be more for the hardcore as I was not a real fan of them in Mirrors edge or BC:Rearmed.
Also the physics and speed in the game will make it more a stroke of luck when you shave a view ms of your time.

@Webby wow man +60K achievement points I bow to you. 


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Here goes:

Ascension City.  Give us an opened-up version...something like a minor free-roaming sandbox environment.  Load it up with tons of different challenges...REALLY TOUGH CHALLENGES!!!  Give us achievements for those.  Make them worthwhile.  Make it like Eternal mode from Beautiful Katamari, where we can just run around with the swing arm and just have fun and enjoy.  HOWEVER, allow other people to jump in as well...like Burnout Paradise.  Have THEM get in on some of the challenges.

THAT would be fucking awesome.

I think races would be an EXCELLENT addition to the multiplayer portion of the game.
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#6 Posted by _Phara0h_ (926 posts) -

I was thinking in the same way but more like burnout paradise Challenges like

  • flinging a corps the highest
  • swing the longest with out being attached to a building for longer then a sec. ore your arm will fall off.
  • or you can do something like make a game out out of it "bionic doge ball" anyone, ore more a soccer/football derivative.
  •  collect the most collectibles while doing a Death from above.
  • race through a mind field  where the mines will fry the last person to complete the lap.
  • do a bungee jump with your arm and be the one closest to the floor without toughing it.

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