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Brilliant - IF your expectations are in the right place. 3

Of all the professional reviews I've read on the web, I think that the gang at Giant Bomb are one of the few who really understood how the limitations (and really, there aren't many) of Bionic Commando should be weighed into the overall scope of things when both reviewing and playing the game.I've been a fan of Bionic Commando since Capcom dropped the arcade version in 1987, and I've become proficient enough at what is one of Capcom's self-professed "hardest" arcade games of that style, and in t...

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The Flesh Is Weak 1

Every few months a game comes along that I absolutely want to love, but for some reason or another just can't. These are usually games that have fundamental mechanics that are both novel and fun, but make poor decisions when it comes to simple design choices. I really hate it when this happens. It means there is something about the experience that is resonating with me. Something that is drawing me back time and time again and therefore I must like the game. However, those feelings of elatio...

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It’s been a long time coming, Spencer. Was it worth the wait? 2

The original console version of Bionic Commando, released on the NES in 1988, presented a completely new way to play the classic side-scrolling action game; replacing the jump button with a unique bionic arm. Rather than leap across hazardous gaps and pitfalls, players were required to use the arm to swing and climb through the levels, as it was implemented in many different ways to tackle certain situations, enemies and boss fights. It may have taken some getting used to, but once players becam...

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Bionic Commando 0

First of all let me tell you that the game is great. I'm a fan of Bionic Commando since the first game so I was really stoked for this title. On the videos the gameplay looked fluid and the battles interesting enough for me to reserve the game at release date. For the game itself let me say that the graphics are way cool and the animations are awesome. The only complaint I have is for the difficulty of it. I mean this guys at Grim and Capcom really mean business. Is frustrating at times because ...

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There's just something missing 0

Around this time of year there's always that game that has novel features, looks pretty good but it's just missing something integral to a great experience. This time it's Bionic Commando. From start to finish the game refuses to give you a clear and coherent reason for giving a damn about the story or characters but the swinging mechanic constantly revived my interest in finishing the game.The single player surprisingly lasted a little longer than I expected with around 9-10 hours for my first ...

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I thought the game was great 1

I don't  mind the linear nature of the game because the rest of the surrounding gameplay was fun. I loved the attacks I could do with the arm and I actually thought the weapons were great. Since I was limited to ammo it made me focus on using the weapons conservatively and not wasting my ammo. It kind of motivated me to use the weapons to their fullest and finish the rest with my arm if I was in close range or pistol if I was in medium range(or if their was very few enemies to take out). The con...

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Bionic Commando 0

When you see a game like this you think something like "this could be a great idea." I thought that same thing, but when I actually played the game, I found myself disappointed. Now that's not to say that this isn't a good game, but the faults overshadow the good parts of the game.You start out in a building in Ascension City and you have to navigate through the level a bit until you find your bionic arm, and that's where the fun begins. After swinging around for awhile, I started to feel like I...

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Plagued by fundemental flaws Bionic Commando never quite recovers 0

Remakes are becoming more and more popular these days.   With publishers struggling to come up with new and exciting IP’s its not hard to see why they also take a look back at what old IP could strike it big.   Bionic Commando is an example of Capcom doing just this.   Along with the remake of the classic NES game, they decided to reboot the IP entirely with a current gen release.   For fans of the good old days, you might want to think that they succeeded in this endeavor.   But Bionic Command...

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Swing For The Fences, Miss Every Hit 0

Bionic Commando is like having bacon in between two pieces of raw potato. Yea bacon is good and ya you can have it on its own but now its in between this uncooked potato. Yea you can eat it and the bacon will be there but in general it just ruined by this raw potato. Thats what it felt like playing bionic commando. The game is developed and published capcom with some help from grin a company known for such great games as wanted weapons of fate and terminator salvation. So if the games that came...

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Review: Bionic Commando 1

    I have very fond memories of Bionic Commando on NES. As a kid, I was always saving up every penny I could earn in anticipation of my next visit to the video store. I would debate what game I would rent next, hoping it would be good and that I wouldn't squander my hard earned money on another Back to the Future. I remember seeing the Bionic Commando box with Rad Spencer equipped with a grappling hook to his arm, swinging between robots and enemy troops. This game surely wouldn't be terrible ...

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There's a good game in here...somewhere... 0

The original Bionic Commando, released in my birth year of 1988 for the Nintendo Entertainment System, was a part of the glory days of classic Capcom along with Mega Man and a number of great Disney-based games and other original properties. It featured a rippin’ soundtrack, a creative gameplay hook (your character couldn’t jump, but rather had a grappling hook that he had to swing around with) and some of the most absurdly awesome story scenarios (namely, fighting a reanimated Hitle...

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The Little Frustrations Aren't Mitigated or Justified By the Whole 0

The idea of Bionic Commando is that you swing around and have fun, but this game realizes what you really wanna do is crappy combat that is wholly reliant on an auto-lockon system that seems great at locking onto the thing you don't want. This goes great with the fact that you die really easily. The game uses regen health, except you don't have a whole lot of it and it regens really slowly, and you run away really slowly, and you die super easily. Which works out, actually, because the checkpoin...

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Bionic Commando. No it's not a re-make. 2

    For a title which game play relies on a swinging mechanic, I was a little hesitant when playing this game, since the Spider-man games have set the standard. From what I've played, in my opinion, Bionic Commando does a better job at raising that bar. Swinging around, picking things up, attacking enemies all things you can do with the arm and it's a blast I spent the first few minutes just swinging around randomly picking things up and trying out the physics in the game and it didn't get borin...

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Boronic 0

Boring I tried to give it a chance but it just did not grap me at all. I enjoyed rearmed but not this girly arm. I do feel bad for Grin. A lot of their games were ok but they just did not hit the masses like they should have. Grin should have made more original titles.    ...

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Bionic Commando 0

GRIN isn't the biggest name out there. They are probably more well know for their early PC games. For those of you who don't know, GRIN was founded in 1997 by brothers Bo and Ulf Andersson. They are located in Sweden. Bionic Commando is the sequel to the 1988 game of the same name. The final result isn't perfect. But it gives you one of the best experiences of 2009. I did a lot of this while playing Bionic Commando. No, it's acutally GRIN's logoSo the story. You play as Nathan "Rad" Spencer. T...

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Swing, Shoot, Repeat, but very pretty! 1

Bionic Commando, is the reboot of the old NES franchise that was one of the first game  that deserved a M rating, due to Hitlers head exploding! But anyways, the game begins with Nathan in jail because people with bionic's have been outlawed by the goverment. anyways you get a task from the government to check a city that was just nuked by terriost. When you finally get to start playing, you wont have your bionic arm, so youll have to run around a find it. when you do, you will swing around the ...

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Bionic Commando Review 0

Bionic Commando is the old series returned, well sort of. You will be doing a lot of swinging through stages with your bionic arm, as well as utilizing it as a lethal weapon against  your opponents. You have been in jail but have now been released to put a stop to an evil army that has taken over. You'll also be in constant communications with Joe, the man who made you who you are today, as well as the man that pointed the finger at you and had you put in prison.Graphically this game stands up t...

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A 3D remake of a classic 0

     I have not played the original Bionic Commando but I am giving the newest one swing. Does it meet classic standards.           Positive: Fun gameplayMassive worldOnline playGreat visualsOk voice actingNice combatAn emotional storyline           Negative: Some repetitive level designAnnoying voice acting          Overall I think it was a success but it was not a classic. Still something to mention to other people and recommend it to them....

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Took a while to get into, but after a while it grew on me. 0

Pros * The swing mechanics take some getting used too, but after a bit of practice you'll be flying through the air with the greatest of ease. It's more skill based then the swing mechanics out of say Spiderman. * Chucking cars at dudes is fun. * Great visual and a pretty awesome soundtrack. * Shows a good sense of humor in certain places.Cons * It's my opinion that the game takes a good deal of time to get... Good. * Shooting mechanics aren't so great. * Pretty much everyth...

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Swing is not enough 0

I loved the first game but this next gen sequel should have stayed longer on the cooker, 20 years was not long enough.   Gameplay The game runs with the premise that you have been sent in to scout out the ruins of a WMD'ed city crawling full of bad bionic dudes. The levels are designed to allow you to exercise the swing mechanic as often as possible. Great concept when you add a nifty swing mechanic to the simple shooter layout most games have with the controls of a Xbox360.  But they seem to lo...

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Please check out my blog: 0

There are few better ways of representing what a pure ‘videogame’ really is than the original Bionic Commando. Its traditional visual style, depthless plot and awesome 8-bit music are all hallmarks of a great game from the late 1980s. It was a big hit, which is why the arcade and NES platformer classic saw a successful re-imagining last year on XBLA and PSN with Bionic Commando Re-Armed. The original’s hook was the ability to swing around the environment as bionic soldier Nathan “Rad” Spencer, a...

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Overall a worthwhile game to play, but it does have some bumps... 0

Bionic Commando brings back to live a 20 year old classic side scroller, thrusting it into the 1st person shooter world of games.  The story picks up 5- 6 years after the events of the original game with Spencer in prison awaiting execution, and bionics outlawed.  Bionics are hunted and either executed, imprisoned, or run and are outlaws.  Without further delay, here is my review of Bionic Commando.  Be kind as this is my first stab at reviewing a game. The Short of it:Overall: BStory: CGamepla...

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A very strong franchise revival 0

First, a disclaimer. I inadvertently started my first playthrough on the hardest difficulty and wound up sticking with it. All my experiences are from playing through the game being utterly destroyed over and over again for hours on end. I think it's fair to say i've seen the worst the game has to offer alongside the best, but your experience is pretty much sure to vary from mine on the lower difficulties, where fewer enemies kill you with one hit.On with the review.Calling me a fan of the franc...

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If you see it on sale then sure, but I wouldn't pay full price. 0

Overall it's fine. Not really great, but not a waste.How's the swinging? To be honest: Pretty annoying.You'll have fun swinging around for about 5 seconds, then hit an awkward corner or a wall, or run out of cieling. The swinging's also very fiddley- I'm just gonna compare it to Spider-Man for a sec:In Spider-Man, the momentum you get depends on when you let go of the swing.In Bionic Commando though, it's very binary. If you let go at the right time, you're fine- but if you let go a bit late or ...

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