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Just about the most tedious of all the lego games, especially for the 100% completion. Having to play through the whole thing twice was torture. Plus it glitched on me and had to start over. Why can't they make a lego game that doesn't glitch? Plus i don't think they've ever heard of an update to cure them once they know about them.

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People played this game? And 100% it no less? Dayum you hardcore. LEGO Loco and LEGO Creator weren't glitchy. But they were from the old lego. You know, back when lego actually consisted of lego.

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Grabbed this as it was $5 & from the studio that does the fun lego games so thought why not. Hint look up the review on gametrailers as best shows not only all you need to know about the gameplay but also how freaking bad the camera is at. It feels like whoever was doing the Bionicle decisions threw some money at the studio, who made it but it's rather average that only serves as a lesson on how to not make a lego game (where you need the manual as one paragraph in it is the only information on a story since there's no text/voice in the game) or some cheap achievement points. Hasn't been too glitchy for me about half way through but it's definitely bad design.

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