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Let me preface with the following: this is a quick digestible review because as a college student I do not have the time to write full blown reviews, either way, enjoy.

Bioshock 2 is the sequel to Bioshock, and to be honest it's only flaw is that it's a sequel, although with that said I feel without the context of the Bioshock universe this game would fail miserably. So, what are the good things:

  • ·          Great game mechanics, much better than the first one
  • ·          Simplistic plasmid and tonic UI/overhaul
  • ·          Emotion, you actually feel connected to your decisions
  • ·          Better ending than the first game
  • ·          Still can be scary, good graphics and sound

Now, Bioshock 2 does have some holes, and this is the issue: The story itself is fantastic but as other people have pointed out is that when taken in reference to the first story it feels a little forced. However on its own it could be its own wonderful entity. So, what were some of the bad things:

  • ·          About 10 hour game, would have liked to see it last a bit longer
  • ·          Suffers from the quick ending that the first one did, However, it's more fun
  • ·          Feels a bit more linear, and not as story driven.

As you can see Bioshock 2 really is its own game. You don't have to of played Bioshock to get the jist of the second one, and to be perfectly honest. In the end, I loved the story and game play of Bioshock 2 more than Bioshock. If you're a fan of Bioshock, you've got to pick up Bioshock 2. And if you didn't like the first game, give this a buy anyways, great game, loads of fun and new intrigue. Well worth the money.

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