$13.99 right now on Xbox

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Title says it all. Just thought I would let you duders know, as this seems like a pretty kick ass deal for a fairly recent game.

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Might want to mention that you're talking about BioShock Infinite.

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General Discussion is a steal for $13.99.

GOTY All Years, but in typical fascist GB fashion I'm sure it'll get buried during the podcast talks

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You're saying I can get a JaredA for only one easy payment of $13.99?? Boy howdy, this is my lucky day!

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Wasn't it 75% off ($10) on Steam not too long ago? If so there's a good chance that deal will come up again at the end of the holiday sale.

EDIT: turns out I was thinking of the discounts they did on VGX nominees, but google says that they did indeed have it for 75% off at the start of the current sale also.

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@quantris: It has certainly been cheaper on PC before, and it will be again. I'm guessing this is just for those interested in playing it on the 360. Not everyone feels that they have a PC good enough for the game or they prefer playing on their big screen and don't have it hooked to a computer.

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Sounds like a good deal for console exclusive gamers. Definitely worth a buy if somehow you magically haven't played the game yet.

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