Bioshock Infinite: Voice Actor Guessing Game

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#1 Edited by Aegon (7236 posts) -

  Do who are they? To me Booker sounds a TON like Troy Baker (dude who did Snow in FF13, Kanji in P4 and Vincent in Cat).   
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#2 Posted by Marz (6016 posts) -

Nolan North is the answer to everything.

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#3 Posted by SeanTheBomb (37 posts) -

NOLAN NORTH !!! I kid...

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#4 Posted by Aegon (7236 posts) -
@Marz: I got a feeling It's get bent! 
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#5 Posted by rockinkemosabe (647 posts) -

Booker does sound like Troy Baker, but secretly I want it to be Nolan North

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#6 Posted by rmanthorp (4527 posts) -

Yeah I want it to be Nolan North but I don't think it is...

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#7 Edited by Marz (6016 posts) -
@H2Oyea: seems your closer than i am.  Mr. Levine confirms Nolan North is not in Bioshock Infinite.
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#8 Posted by LinusPauling (67 posts) -

If not Mr. North, then David Hayter.

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#9 Posted by Peteradcrew (15 posts) -

The voice actor who plays Booker is Stephen Russel.  He has previously been Garrett from the Thief series.

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#10 Posted by N7 (4159 posts) -

@H2Oyea: Jesus. Troy Baker fucking LOOKS like an anime character.

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#11 Posted by Soffish (142 posts) -
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#12 Posted by Yanngc33 (4551 posts) -

@BlastoTheSpectre said:

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So now people are trying to sound like Nolan North? The army of Nathan Drakes is upon us

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#13 Posted by Redsox44 (524 posts) -

Elizabeth sounds like Zoeey Deschanel to me

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#14 Posted by Loose (417 posts) -
@BlastoTheSpectre: Who is Nick Chester and what would make him an authority on this?
It seems like there's quite a few people saying that it's Stephen Russell of the Thief series.
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#15 Posted by clumsyninja1 (851 posts) -

 Nolan North Nolan North Nolan North Nolan North...maybe Vinny

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#16 Posted by AssInAss (3254 posts) -

Ken Levine confirmed Courtnee Draper as Elizabeth's voice actress.

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