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#51 Posted by FunkyS (146 posts) -

It's number one for me right now, I played through it twice and love it both times. However, yesterday I got some games that could knock it off including the Last Of Us. So until I've played my Christmas pressies it's my game of the year.

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#52 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4748 posts) -

I like the part with the dancing.

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#53 Edited by Oldirtybearon (5626 posts) -

Bioshock was going to be my Game of the Year until I played Dragon's Dogma over the summer.

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#54 Posted by bybeach (5731 posts) -

I personally like Bioshock quite a lot. But there seems to be that old usual insuppressible backlash against the game, as successful as it was, that I find irritating. I could hear from one guy in the Day three re-cap.

But that's not to take away from other good games, and the flip side of the coin suspected insuppressible force suddenly going all The Last of Us. Hell, I need to play that game.

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#55 Edited by Veektarius (6156 posts) -

I liked the beginning and the end of that game a lot, but everything that happened between, i.e., the entire story of what happens to Columbia, was totally forgettable to me. Probably because everything that 'happens' happens while you're between dimensions and you just get left interpreting the aftermath.

So, put that next to a game like Tomb Raider, that I found memorable and fun from start to finish, and you have my GOTY.

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#56 Posted by johncallahan (859 posts) -

I'm still debating. I've given myself until the 31st to absolutely finalize my list. Right now it's sitting at #1, but Last of Us and Mario are right behind it. Still thinking on it.

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#57 Posted by 49th (3607 posts) -


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#58 Posted by warxsnake (2720 posts) -

It has great presentation and story but the gameplay is mediocre.

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#59 Posted by Yummylee (24646 posts) -


That game was a 3-star experience for me nearly all the way through.

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#60 Posted by Artso (88 posts) -

Yes! I'm so surprised that it seems like anywhere you go on the internet people make it sound like it was the most disappointing game of the year. I really loved every minute of it.

For me it probably was because I loved the original Bioshock so much. To me Infinite is a step back in almost every way. The combat is simplified to the point that it becomes boring and you basically only fight in small arenas. The hardest difficulty is not balanced well at all, it becomes really unfair and the A.I. is so dumb.

I don't get how people can praise the story either. I agree with others in this thread, they don't really do anything with the factions or go deep in any meaningful way. I even felt that Elizabeth and Booker are really shallow characters that suddenly change, it doesn't like they evolve naturally over the course of the game.

It is a beautiful game for sure but that's about it in my opinion.

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#61 Posted by dionysis (53 posts) -

I think it might be for me. I haven't really thought about "game of the year"... but Bioshock: Infinite is certainly one of my favorite games this year... realistically one of my favorite games of all time. It has to be one of the best time paradox stories I've ever seen in any medium.

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#62 Posted by WMoyer83 (920 posts) -

Boom! It looks like its Jeff's Game of the Year.

For those of you who disagree its a great game you can picket Back to the Future 2.

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#63 Edited by Colonel_Pockets (1046 posts) -

it's my #2..... I loved the combat except for the ghost fight. Fuck that fight. I don't understand why Patrick was so passionate about not getting infinite in on some awards but I think it was a unique experience that will stay with me for a long time.

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#64 Posted by Gargantuan (1905 posts) -

I still think Bioshock 2 is the best Bioshock.

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#65 Posted by Video_Game_King (36564 posts) -
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#66 Posted by Morningstar (2388 posts) -

In my top ten, probably at tenth.

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#67 Posted by AlexW00d (7510 posts) -

It's currently number 18 on my top 10, it may go down though after I have played Hitman which I just bought, and Remember Me which I still need to play. Also the ~10 other games that are on my list cause I bought them but haven't actually played them properly yet.

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#68 Posted by Deranged (2022 posts) -

It's in there and the more I reminisce, the more I feel I enjoyed Infinite over TLoU. Even though both had fantastic stories, I felt BioShock held up better with combat as the latter was more often than not atrocious in a variety of aspects.

(Neither are my game of the year btw).

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#69 Posted by Nightriff (7157 posts) -

Yes, easily. I have more to complain about TLoU than Bio Infinite.

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#70 Edited by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

No, it's not even in my top ten. But that doesn't mean it's not a really interesting game.

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#71 Edited by atomic_dumpling (2543 posts) -

Yes, mainly because I didn't play any other 2013 game. I was slightly disappointed that they awkwardly dropped the whole racism angle two-thirds in, but I had a total blast with it nevertheless.

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#72 Posted by viking_funeral (2651 posts) -

It's mine, but I didn't play a lot of 2013 games in 2013.

Well, that's not true. But BioShock Infinite was the only game that came out this year and truly felt like a GotY contender for me. I'm sure The Last of Us might make a better showing when I finally play it. Possibly the new Legend of Zelda on the DS, but sadly, I own no DS.

Not that I should feel the need to defend BioShock Infinite. That game was amazing.

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#73 Edited by cutyoface (580 posts) -

It is a close second.

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#74 Posted by Superkenon (1664 posts) -

#10. Probably.

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#75 Posted by xaLieNxGrEyx (2646 posts) -
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#76 Posted by JeanLuc (3882 posts) -


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#77 Posted by bigjeffrey (5282 posts) -

heck no. But i really liked it and played it twice back to back.

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#78 Edited by TheManWithNoPlan (7153 posts) -

It was second only to The last of us for me.

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#79 Posted by laserguy (550 posts) -

I have it at number two behind Last of us.

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#80 Posted by TobbRobb (6141 posts) -

I'm surprised I even finished the fucking thing.

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#81 Posted by Tearhead (2436 posts) -
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#82 Posted by Dalai (7869 posts) -

Yes, yes it is. You read my list, didn't you?

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#83 Posted by RobotHamster (4254 posts) -

The Last of Us is mine, you can see it on my list I made right here on GIantbombdotcom. Bioshock Infinite did make my honorable mentions though, it just didn't grab me like the first one did and aside from a few moments I don't remember much from it.

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#84 Posted by Sessh (2978 posts) -

Yes, indeed it is. And it was a very clear decision for me.

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#85 Posted by lazerface (11 posts) -

i honestly thought it was worse than the original in almost every way. it was one of my biggest letdowns of the year, though i still had fun with it.

my game of the year is a toss up between the last of us, rayman origins, puppeteer and brothers.

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#86 Edited by TheHT (14449 posts) -

Sure is!

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#87 Edited by Sooty (8193 posts) -

@wmoyer83 said:

Boom! It looks like its Jeff's Game of the Year.

For those of you who disagree its a great game you can picket Back to the Future 2.

I disagree about it being a great game because it's nothing but a standard first person shooter (actually, worse than most combat wise) with a great looking first 2 hours.

Personally I loved the introduction and ending, then it all went to shit when you had to get through the dull combat for more than a few hours.

Singularity had much better combat, if this was Singularity with the better production values and world building, then it'd be a great game.

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#88 Posted by JZ (2343 posts) -

No I got bored of it when they made me go get the gunsmith's tools.

My exact words were "really? I don't think I wanna play this anymore."

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