Season Pass means waiting for the complete edition

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Now that BioShock Infinite is going to have a season pass, and the game doesn't have multiplayer (meaning the DLC won't be mp based, of which I don't care), I think I'll be waiting for the complete (or GOTY) edition sometime next year. I hate having to pay extra (got burned by Arkham City), and don't mind waiting. There are plenty of other games to play in between.

I don't really understand the point of DLC in a completely single player game. I never played Minerva's Den for BioShock 2, but that had more to do with I'd be paying more for the DLC than what I paid for the actual game. It's mostly either bad (Saint's Row 3), or completely irrelevant to the story (just side mission stuff).

I'm sure I'm in the minority (other wise they wouldn't be doing this), but now I'll get excited for the complete edition next year.

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I don't see a problem with DLC, even day one DLC. I mean in reality is it any different than a band releasing an album and then a deluxe edition album for a few bucks more? No one is ever like "OMG why didn't they just add those 4 extra songs in the regular version". It comes down to how much of a fan you are of the product. An average fan will be perfectly happy without any of the DLC, but the enthused fan will enjoy the DLC, day one or not.

If I'm excited about a game I'll buy day one DLC before the game is even out (if they allow you), or otherwise as soon as I launch the game. It's a way of getting more of what I love.

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Do we know what the dlc is gonna be ? If it's stuff like Minerva's Den I'm all for it.

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Since I'm tight with with money, I don't like the idea of paying $80+ upfront for a game that I can get for $30 this time next year. Just me venting I suppose.

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Ken Levine is one of the few dudes I still have faith in to not fuck up the game he's making. If he's willing to stand behind the DLC, then I'm going to get the season pass.

Depending on how it turns out, my tune may change the next time one of his games rolls around.

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I don't really understand the point of DLC in a completely single player game. I never played Minerva's Den for BioShock 2, but that had more to do with I'd be paying more for the DLC than what I paid for the actual game

It's just nice to have extra single player content to go back to after the games been out. I totally understand wanting to wait for the possible GOTY bundle, or just picking up the game when it's cheaper.

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There's one thing to know if you are going to wait for a complete edition for this game.

Whatever big story twist that happens, and its a shock game, there is definitely at least one, it is going to be ruined for you by the time you buy the game

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I think that's the choice you have to make now-a-days. You either can wait for it to go cheaper, or can't wait and buy it immediately Thankfully I've gained patience over the years and now find it easier to wait on a game that's going to be twenty dollars cheaper in four weeks. And I rarely care about DLC, I doubt this will change that for me.

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I never played Minerva's Den for BioShock 2,

Ugh. If you did you would understand why the prospect of independent, singular stories that take place within the city of (rapture/columbia/whatever) are intriguing and probably worth the price of admission.

Bite the bullet and pay the ten bucks for Minerva's Den. It's brilliant.

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Or you could buy the Season Pass at some point down the line if you think the game is good, supporting the developers and enabling them in some way to make more of the awesome stuff?

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I plan to get the season pass. I did not get to play the Bioshock 2 DLC but I saw gameplay and was impressed. And if they can pull off more of that even once it would be worthwhile.

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Because single player DLC can be awesome and give you more reasons to come back to a game you otherwise might have been done with?

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I don't mind if it's side missions or main story content as long as it's good DLC. Not a fan of cosmetic/item DLC although I did purchase some weapons DLC in ME2.

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If it's anywhere close to as good as Minerva's Den, it's worth getting on day one.

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Fuck the MP weapon/skin DLC packs that companies are pushing out these days, give me more story after the main story line has ended any day.

And i have faith in Irrational that they wont be going in the Mass Effect 3 route with this and placing key bits of the main story behind DLCs.

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I'm waiting for the complete edition of DmC for that same reason.

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Yup game announced with season pass = me waiting for the GOTY version.

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I'm already craving for more games to put my teeth into, I can't wait for a -maybe- GOTY version in 8 or more months! D:

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I don't get why companies push out season passes for SP games. Multiplayer, fair enough but singleplayer? That's just wrong.

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I bought Civilization 5 DLCs (All) than there is a Gold Edition contains Everything. And yesterday 12 Dollars with sale. Game Developers.

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