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    BioShock Infinite

    Game » consists of 20 releases. Released Mar 26, 2013

    The third game in the BioShock series leaves the bottom of the sea behind for an entirely new setting - the floating city of Columbia, circa 1912. Come to retrieve a girl named Elizabeth, ex-detective Booker DeWitt finds more in store for him there than he could ever imagine.

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    A story that needs to be experienced. 0

    Bioshock Infinite is an experience. I was hooked from the opening, watching Booker Dewitt find his way into Columbia, where I remember my first time heading to Rapture, the awe and wide eyed wonder at all the things happening around me. Atmosphere has always been Bioshock's key feature in my opinion - something that Infinite has no problem keeping up with. I am itching to go back through the game another time to watch itself weave its beautiful world and story again.I hadn't seen much of the le...

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    But 5 Stars For Trying Really Hard 4

    Nice try, Irrational. Ken. Seriously, the utmost respect to you guys for even trying to pull together so many ideas and ambitions into a singular product, but it's fractured; BioShock Infinite feels like pieces of many different versions of a game stitched together into something that struggles to maintain coherency. Knowing about the game's storied development history has probably heavily influenced that last sentence, but that's the overriding sensation of playing through the game and has mana...

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    A fun game, but a 5/5? A masterpiece? What has happened to our standards? 0

    Bioshock: Infinite is the hardest game for me to review since – well – since the first Bioshock. Normally, when I give a game four stars, I spend most of the review telling you why the game is fun and why you should probably play it. With this game, I instead feel compelled to tell you why it is not a masterpiece worthy of the lavish praise that it is receiving from every corner of the internet. I think back to the way that gamers used to look at games, and, ten years ago, this game would have g...

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    A game you just can't miss 0

    From the very beginning Bioshock Infinite manages to pull you into it's amazing world and doesn't let go. If you had any feelings (love, hate, mildly indifferent) towards the first two games, you will feel right at home here, but with more than enough new to keep you very much interested. If you didn't like or never played the first two, then you will find this game to be different, enthralling, action packed and most importantly FUN.Bioshock Infinite doesn't rewrite the book on first person sho...

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    A great game but definitely not perfect. 0

    Below is a transcript of a video review I did for Bioshock Infinite which can be found here - TickleGames Hello everyone and welcome to the first DoubleTime review and today the honour has been given to Irrationals recent magnum opus, Bioshock infinite. I never really cared for the original Bioshock, it bored me on so many levels and apparently that was all that some people needed to want to hang me from a tree as a tribute to the gods and I ignored the sequel that apparently we don't talk about...

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    Burial At Sea is a great epilogue for Bioshock Infinite 0

    With this review I'm reviewing both Episode 1 and 2 at the same time. Burial At Sea managed to do a lot more than what my expectations were when first hearing about it. Anyway first up this piece of dlc is set in Rapture again with Booker as a private investigator that is searching for a child he lost while Elizabeth plays the dame who has the info he needs. This leads to a collusion you'll most likely expect if you've played BI before but where it really gets interesting is the beginning of th...

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    Perfect? No. Worth it? Absolutely. 0

    EDIT: Turns out, there aren't any spoiler block options in the review editor. There are some minor spoilers in this review. Note the word "minor" - it's not going to hurt your experience much, but I should still warn you. /EDITIt’s been quite a while since Irrational’s last game, the original Bioshock. Infinite is a sequel with little in relation to the original, either in terms of mechanics or story. If you’re looking for cramped spaces, health bars, cameras, and crazy people, you won’t find th...

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    A Rapturous Return 1

    Burial at Sea takes you back to the underwater city where the series all began, with the familiar sound of fine shoes clunking against wooden floors and a giant blue whale passing just a few metres away oblivious the political turmoil going on nearby. This time around, though, the titular character isn't a sweater wearing puppet or a hunking armoured guardian, but rather one Booker DeWitt, who is as always joined by a curious Elizabeth (who will henceforth be referred to as "Elizabeth"). It's an...

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    BioShock: Infinite Review 0

    In the third installment of the BioShock series you will find that you will be traversing areas not under water, but in the sky. That's right folks this adventure takes place in the floating city of Columbia. You are going to play the part of Booker DeWitt, a once great detective that is down on his luck, and who has been tasked with capturing the girl Elizabeth. By bringing her back to New York all of your old debts will be forgiven, but there's a catch, you're going to have to get through the...

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    A gorgeous game with a nice world, but little replay value 0

    Bioshock Infinite is in short a gorgeous looking game. The world of Columbia on the whole is beautiful and the sky scenes are interesting. I would even go as so far to say that the main character and Elizabeth are interesting as well. Mechanically the game is very solid. The first person shooting aspects are good and the use of the Vigors (ahem Salts) is mostly just as fun as it was through the previous games. The game also has the the signature "twist" that we are starting to see from all of t...

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    So High Yet So Far Away 0

    After me and my friend stayed up one night and beat the original Bioshock in 8 hours in one sitting it has always been my favorite game ever made. When Bioschock 2 came out, to be honest I was pumped, but didn't get it until a year and a half later and enjoyed it a lot. When Bioshock Infinite was first announced in 2010 it easily became one of my most anticipated games ever. Now after beating the game and digesting it in for a couple of days here are my thoughts.As soon as the game goes you are ...

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    Bioshock Infinite is a Must Play Despite the Weak Combat 0

    Trying to keep myself free of spoilers and mindful enough to still obsessively research this game was a daunting task. Bioshock Infinite is a game that a great deal of people had on their minds, especially with the potential presented in a studio such as Irrational. Before Bioshock Infinite, everyone was pining over the spiritual successor to System Shock 2 in Bioshock, a romp through an underwater city that is falling apart right before your eyes. What stood out to me in the original title was ...

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    Spoiler Free "Are you afraid of god" 2

    This is what you would consider a definitive experience in media. It is the single most beautiful piece of art I have experienced since I first held a controller. In this review I am not going to talk all about mechanics but mainly about story. To start off the one thing they had to succeed with in order to have a successful game with was Elizabeth . Well did they? of course they did she made the game and I have never actually "Fallen in love" with an AI till I experienced her, I was pissed at m...

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    An overambitious title that ends up being less than the sum of it's parts. 0

    I had high expectations going into Bioshock Infinite. Everything I had heard about the game up to it's release seemed awesome, but it truly turned out to be a disappointment. I only say that because I was expecting something very grand, with great gameplay and an even better storyline. What I got was much less than that, but was still a decently fun game that I enjoyed my time with, but would likely not play again.When going through the game, after a few levels I realized just how standard the g...

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    A man, a city, a review 0

    You arrive in Columbia much in the same way you arrived in Rapture in 2007′s Bioshock – Booker DeWitt comes to a lone lighthouse in the ocean and, once inside, ascends to the clouds in a scene all too reminiscent of your descent into the ocean. Only this time, you’re going up; instead of whales crossing your vision through the bathysphere porthole, you get massive airships and a city in the clouds.The combat in Infinite is similar to previous Bioshock titles – you have Vigors, the analog for pl...

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    Bioshock Infinite Review: Skyoshock 0

    Irrational are one of the most highly respected developers in the industry, thanks in large part to taking their time and putting out high quality games when they are ready to be released. The first Bioshock game in 2007 was one of the most refreshing and interesting games of the entire generation, with a fantastic story and a powerful sense of identity and vision. Irrational have not released another internal project since then, but Bioshock Infinite ends the drought from one of the most talen...

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    Skyd you not 1

    TLDR: Game is awesome, but not as impressive as the original Bioshock. Please excuse each paragraph not seamlessly leading onto the next, as there are quite a few points to cover. StoryBioshock Infinite's world has so much potential to be as interesting, and perhaps even more so than Rapture, the underwater city from the first entry in the series.I remember years ago people were discussing how great it would be to be able to explore a Bioshock world inhabited by normal characters. Well now you c...

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    Like "Bioshock", it is one of the greatest video games ever made. 0

    "Bioshock" is considered by many to be one of the greatest video games ever made. Lead designer Ken Levine's sci-fi-themed horror opus transcended the boundaries of the FPS genre with two major aspects; the gorgeous but horrifying world of Rapture and the exceptional story featuring the memorable antagonist Andrew Ryan. In many ways, "Bioshock Infinite" is like a remake of the original concept. The setting and scenario has changed, but the basic plot is the same: a man with a shady pack enters i...

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    An amazing way of experiencing an amazing story 0

    Short version: (Conclusion) Bioshock Infinite is an amazing game that has its’ story at the centre. You’re led through a wonderfully created flying city by a narrative that keeps you wondering what’s what, who’s who and what will happen next. Most of all though it had me wondering whether Booker and Elizabeth would make it out of Columbia. They’re likeable characters that had me rooting for them. Without spoiling too much, I felt that the creators pulled my heart-strings in new ways. Ways, s...

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    More BioShock Infinite - With A Gorgeous New Coat Of Paint 0

    Burial At Sea – Episode 1 is the latest piece of downloadable content for BioShock Infinite, and is the first entry in what will be a two-part story. It sees protagonists Booker and Elizabeth transposed from the sky to the sea, leaving Infinite‘s floating city Columbia for Rapture, the underwater dystopia that originally kicked off the franchise. It’s a joy to be back in one of the greatest settings in video game history – but, to be absolutely clear, this is essentially just more Infinite, with...

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    Bioshock Infinity is like Looper 0

    When you think about it, it makes sense.Massive spoilers:If Booker refuses the baptism, he will become an alcoholic gambler who will sell his daughter in order to settle his debt. The man who will sell his daughter to will use her as fuel for a flying city that would destroy the world.If Old Joe goes back in time to kill a telepathic kid, the Rainmaker will never exist and his wife would be safe from murder.However, if Booker accepts the baptism, he will recreate himself and giving himself a new...

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    A beautiful setting makes for a game hampered only by its gameplay and the hype surrounding it. 0

    Bioshock Infinite, true to the series roots, features a well-realized dystopia that offers substantial social commentary to the world around it. The strongest point of the Bioshock series has always been the setting and world they create, and Bioshock Infinite is no exception to this. Columbus is a well realized world that takes the nationalistic hero-worship of the American founding fathers to a religious fervor, showing the flawed end result of an overly nationalistic ideology. The way that p...

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    A welcome addition to the BioSchock series. 0

    "God is merciful. But I'm just a prophet, so I don't have to be." The prophet and antagonist in this story, Zachary Hale Comstock, is true to his word, making every step you take on Columbia to be vigorous, entertaining and rewarding.BioShock Infinite is a fresh take on the franchise, bringing us a mesmerizing and inspiring city in the clouds. With an adventure that constantly keeps you on the edge of your seat, there is no doubt that there isn't one dull moment throughout the entire playthrough...

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    One of the Best Stories of the Year. Oh Yeah, and It Plays Great Too 0

    Redemption: it’s difficult to come by, and even more difficult to accept when it happens. But what if redemption made you a monster? What if your past sins were replaced with twice as many new ones? Can a society function once its inner demons are revealed? These are the questions and themes explored in BioShock Infinite. This game shows how actions have consequences, and how far off the ideal is from the reality. This adventure will leave you in awe, dread, and reeling by the time the end credi...

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    Happy New Year 0

    Note: The following review contains major spoilers for Bioshock Infinite.In an appropriately paradoxical fashion the ending to Bioshock Infinite both seemed to pave the way for a multitude of possibilities for the Bioshock series going ahead and meant that there were few places for it to go at all. Irrational’s limitless multiverse is a story device that could allow for as many different fallen utopias and hero’s journeys as the developer could possibly imagine, with the caveat that ...

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    Of Thy Sins Shall I Wash Thee 0

    As the unrelenting storm pounds down on us, the two figures clad in raincoats in front of me mindlessly babble about rowing and other such nonsense. I’m not listening to them – what matters to me is finding the girl. The waves splash against the boat. The woman in front of me nonchalantly passes me a wooden box with my name engraved on it – Booker DeWitt, member of the 7th Cavalry of the atrocious Wounded Knee massacre. Memories I’d rather not think about. I open it. A photograph – there she is...

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    great game 0

    had no trouble finishing this game. Great atmospherei didn't like the first one and i didn't play the second bioshock, but this one really stands out.Although i think i'll have to play it again to fully get the plot.The story slowly unfolds with great detail to character development. I never got frustrated on any of the levels to find the exit. For me its the perfect balance between fighting and plot....

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    It stumbles in places, but Burial at Sea Episode 2 provides a meaningful conclusion to Bioshock Infinite 0

    Episode 1 of Bioshock Infinite: Burial at Sea felt like an hour and half of set up. It was a neat experience but by the time the story really felt like it was getting going, it cut to black and the credits were rolling. Episode 2 is where all that pays off. All the pins that were set up are knocked down, in a 4 hour experience that feels like definite conclusion to Irrational’s world they first brought to us back in 2007.Elizabeth goes to some dark places in this DLC...Taking place right a...

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    An amazingly wonderful experience 0

    Wow, this write up is a long time coming. I played and finished BioShock Infinite the week it came out and things just kept getting in the way of me putting my thoughts down. So, BioShock Infinite! How do you go about following up one of the more popular shooters of this generation? It wasn't enough to just continue the story of Rapture and Andrew Ryan (which BioShock 2 did) but instead, Ken Levine and Irrational Games stepped out of the ocean and took to the skies in a game that casts a spotli...

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    Bioshock Infinite is a truly beautiful game. 0

    The following review contains no spoilers.What constitutes beauty in gaming? Many have said that BioShock Infinite is a beautiful game, but just what does that mean? Does beauty only refer to a game’s graphics and the level of immersion you feel when you sit down in front of the screen, or can beauty in gaming also be found in a well-formed narrative, creating emotional investment through relatable characters and an engaging plot? Perhaps a game’s beauty is in its razor-honed gameplay, leaving y...

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    Another classic Bioshock tale, Anyone interested in seeing the underwater utopia in its heydays should look no further. 0

    Bioshock Infinite – Burial at Sea (Part 1) REVIEWBy Tyler PedersonI have not written a formal review of Bioshock Infinite. This is because while I know exactly how I feel about the game and every bit of what it brought to the table, I don't feel I can really put it into words. I can convey a lot of it like that, sure, and perhaps I will get back around to it, but for now know that it is quite possibly my favorite video game of all time, and that this review focuses solely on the DLC. Oh- and it...

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    Rapture's Return a Worthy One 0

    Burial at Sea is a tough sell. Following on from of the best gaming experiences I've played all generation it was always going to be hard to capture that same level of quality. The intrigue of the story, the excitement of a new location and the enchanting introduction of Elizabeth all created such a wonderful game and for Irrational Games to then go in a completely different direction is an extremely bold choice. But do they pull it off? Let's take a trip back to Rapture once again. But things m...

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    Engrossing combat and mechanics and a story line that doesn't truly deliver. 0

    Having just finished Bioshock Infinite I feel as though I am at odds with myself. The part of me that expounds the virtues of gameplay and nothing else vs the side the values story above all else and Infinite has left me at odds due to narrative failures not gameplay ones. Infinite continues the trend of excellent gunplay, interesting powers, and fun upgrades in a novel setting that in so many words defined the first two. While at the same time offering more customization, further powe...

    3 out of 7 found this review helpful.

    Disappointment. 8

    I love system shock 2 and I used to be a major thief fan as well, but Ken Levine has let me and other fans down by taking infinite's lazy route. By lazy, I don't mean that he and his company didn't work hard at all, I'm sure they did in many regards, but overall the product they chose to create was not original in the least. The game is a disappointment. It was hyped so much that in the end it just shatters before succeeding in what it is trying to do. Bioshock 1 was a lot better than this.De...

    8 out of 41 found this review helpful.

    Fully realized from start to finish 0

    Instantaneous. That's the speed at which you'll become sucked into Bioshock Infinite. If I didn't know better, I'd say the first part of this game is a history lesson straight from a college course on Early 1900 American History. Topics covered include: American imperialism and radical conservatism. Other topics include: racism and classism. These themes drive the first act and work to create a fully fleshed-out political landscape complete with its characteristic Bioshock extremism.Speaking of ...

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    Skins the Cat Twice with Story and Themes 0

    What a game. I dove into the clever, thoughtful, and fun Bioshock Infinite headfirst and, once I came up for air, found myself grinning in delight and thinking a little harder than I expected.I went into this game neutrally, but with optimism. I played and enjoyed the first Bioshock, and I thought that the narrative use of Objectivism was both interesting and pretty well done. The combat was fine and the character of Rapture really brought the experience home.But unlike most games (including the...

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    Keeping The Faith 0

    As soon as my paycheck came in I preloaded "Bioshock Infinite" on Steam, it was difficult to get a good night's sleep from the excitement of it finally being released the morning after.4:59 A.M. my alarm goes off and I spring out of bed with the excitement of a boy on Christmas morning.I set my alarm earlier than usual as I wanted to catch a glimpse of the game before I headed off to the gym.I turned on my tv, put on my headset and just took it all in, like a nice breath of fresh air.Bright colo...

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    A game you won't forget anytime soon 0

    So, Bioshock Infinite came out last week...What a long wait that was, too! I'm sure it had various incarnations but I'm glad this is the one that prevailed. It plays like Bioshock, it feels like Bioshock, but it is so very different. It's an entirely new world, even if there are familiar hints (if only in the mechanics, concepts and aesthetics) and it really looks like it's worlds apart.The world created by the folks at Irrational Games is a living and breathing one, that would've been strong e...

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    An experience like no other... 0

    Long in development, heavily guarded and anticipated arguably more than anything so far this year, Bioshock Infinite definitely had a lot to live up to. And while the original certainly left its mark on the gaming industry and while the non-Irrational Bioshock 2 was a good game albeit familiar, the idea of complete invention or revelatory "new-ness" is not quite what people were hoping it'd be. But regardless Infinite's use of similar gameplay mechanics or tropes is what makes it stand out and ...

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    Astonishing 0

    I am a huge fan of the original Bioshock game. It is in my top 5 games of all time. Never played Bioshock 2. My time in rapture was complete after the first Bioshock. So then I hear Ken Levine is making another Bioshock and I say hmm. But then once I heard it is a new world but still set in the Bioshock vibe I smiled.So I start playing Infinite last night and my jaw dropped. GOTY material here folks. Remember the feeling you had at the beginning of Bioshock well get ready to experience it...

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    Bioshock Infinite Review. 0

    Welcome to Columbia, a floating city in the sky that's as fascinating and mysterious a place as anything that has come before. As you walk its streets, travel it's skylines and breath in the atmosphere, it's clear that a loving amount of care and attention has been given to every small detail of this beautiful city. It's a familiar experience that warms the heart, yet at the same time rips your heart to shreds with the unfamiliar, bizarre and unpredictable. Bioshock Infinite is a difficult game ...

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    BioShock Infinite Review (PS3) 0

    You’ve traveled below the ocean to Rapture in Irrational Games’ BioShock 1 & 2, now it’s time to soar above the clouds to Columbia in the thrilling, action-packed, and deeply emotional plot-filled first-person-shooter game, BioShock Infinite. This seemingly utopic floating city, founded and run by the enigmatic Zachary Comstock, contains hordes of religious zealots, anarchists, and various mechanical machinations. As Booker DeWitt, you must fight your way to top in order to find and rescue a...

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    BioShock as a series finally lives up to the hype with one that should not be missed. 0

    BIOSHOCK INFINITE REVIEW"If you want to test a man's character, first give him power" - Abraham LincolnKen Levine returns to the world he created with BioShock Infinite. When the original BioShock came out in 2008, it received many awards and it's been called one of the greatest games of all time. While BioShock was good, it wasn't as good as everyone said it was. Repetitive fetch quests, a bit leaner, and a lackluster boss and finale, I just don't hold the high regards everyone else has. I fou...

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    This game is epic and awesome steampunk. 0

    I have a first game, but I haven't finish yet. I also don't have second game. So I would try it BioShock Infinite. This game is best action RPG FPS. I love it. This setting is in Columbia the air city rather Rapture. Rapture is focus on sea while Columbia is on above cloud....

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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