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A game you just can't miss

From the very beginning Bioshock Infinite manages to pull you into it's amazing world and doesn't let go. If you had any feelings (love, hate, mildly indifferent) towards the first two games, you will feel right at home here, but with more than enough new to keep you very much interested. If you didn't like or never played the first two, then you will find this game to be different, enthralling, action packed and most importantly FUN.

Bioshock Infinite doesn't rewrite the book on first person shooters, it takes a tried and true formula and runs with it in a stellar way. Combat is varied, and the set pieces are spectacular. Whether you are flying high through the skies of Columbia or trudging through the interior of a building, you are never left feeling bored by your surroundings, which can be a tough thing to nail in the FPS world. The gunplay itself is tight and exciting, with multiple ways to approach every battle. Never once during my play through did I feel claustrophobic or trapped, even in tight areas. Targeting does take a battle or two to get used to, but it perfect and you will feel like a pro in no time.

There is a change in the spell casting mechanic where you are now using vigors, the powers, instead of plasmids, and salts, this games answer to EVE. Though the system is generally similar to the previous entries the vigors are distinct enough from one another that they are a blast (literally with some) to use. Vigors mix seamlessly into battle, but the traps seem a tad out of place in the fast paced combat.

Where Bioshock really shines is in it's characters and story. The city of Columbia is full of complex emotions where nothing is as it seems. Between battles you are given plenty of time to explore your surroundings and flesh out the finer points of the plot. You will find yourself in middle of a rebellion, jumping dimensions through "tears" and exploring characters all while pushing towards your main goal. Easily some of the best moments in the game are when you get a quick peak through a tear. It's something that needs to be experienced first hand, and a smile is guaranteed each time. Infinite does an amazing job creating a tangible atmosphere through music and sets. Every corner of this game has something interesting about it, many times tied to the real world in such an amazing way you can't help but say wow.

The main character, Booker DeWitt, is going to top a lot of lists for character of the year, maybe second only to his partner. He is clever, has just the right amount of dialog, and has an interesting backstory. He feels like a real, believable character who is powerful but also has his vulnerabilities.

Booker is a great character, but Elizabeth comes through as the star. She is a partner you actually love to have in combat, and will never get tired of her dialog or her throwing you items during battle. Not too many things beat a moment where she pops out from behind a wall to toss you a med pack in the nick of time to keep the battle going. Don't worry, this game isn't one long escort mission either. Elizabeth won't be hurt be enemies, so you only need to worry about keeping yourself alive. Her riveting story is one to remember, and her actions and reactions to the situation at hand couldn't be better.

While the two main characters are fleshed out in the best way and are easily the most interesting of the story, the game will still through a very interesting cast of characters your way. Take that, mix in amazing battle sequences, sprinkle on some just plain cool moments, and you have a game that can't be missed and will be on many game of the year lists.


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