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BioShock: Infinite Review

In the third installment of the BioShock series you will find that you will be traversing areas not under water, but in the sky. That's right folks this adventure takes place in the floating city of Columbia. You are going to play the part of Booker DeWitt, a once great detective that is down on his luck, and who has been tasked with capturing the girl Elizabeth. By bringing her back to New York all of your old debts will be forgiven, but there's a catch, you're going to have to get through the entire city, as well as the Prophet Comstock, to get at this girl. For some reason all the citizens believe that a man bearing the mark of A.D. on their hand is a False Prophet, and wouldn't you know it, you've got that mark.

Graphically this game is spectacular. It is so nice to see what the artist can do when they are not forced to make everything a room, or underwater. The characters all have that same type of design that you saw in BioShock, at least this time there's individuals who are living their lives instead of trying to gut you, or gun you down. Now don't get me wrong there are plenty of enemies that will try to do just that, but there is a city that is fully functioning as well. There were a couple of texture malfunctions when you're having to get through areas quickly and you get ahead of all the end rendering, but for the most part you're going to see the best the game is going to offer.

The music has that BioShock feel to it, and I have to say that that didn't bother me. There were a couple of unique songs that will surprise gamers when they encounter them, but I don't want to give away the surprise, so I'll just tell you to be on the look out for them. There's also the voice acting, top notch work, even when it came to the extras that you'd interact with. There was no user dialogue reading required for this game. The other thing was that you truly felt the emotions in the way the speaker spoke.

The controls take a second to get used to if you are used to first person shooters, and if you are not, then it might have taken you a bit longer, but you are going to utilize the important keys enough that by the end of the game they should be second nature to you.

This was a fun and surprising game for me. I think I didn't truly understand where the story was going to go, but man was I happy to have played this game. You're going to get to use special powers, or vigor, through most of the game, and you're going to be able to unlock more as the game goes on. I really just stuck with three or four of them through the whole game, the possession vigor, the volt vigor, the devil's kiss vigor, and the crow vigor. Each vigor had several power ups to help you have the strongest attack, and for the most part I think they actually did what they were supposed to, and that was to enhance that vigor. I especially loved the fact that you could eventually use possession to take over humans, and when the possession ran out they would just kill themselves. There was also a ton a weapons that you could get your hands on, there was a limit of two weapons at a time, but for most of the game that really didn't bother me. I'm the type of player that finds a combo that works and then sticks with it, even if the game tries to make you experience other guns. I'm a shotgun and sniper rifle kind of guy, and let me tell you, that combo worked just fine for me through the entire game. A new feature to help make combat and exploration a bit different is the grappling feature where you''ll be able to get different vantage points, and access to different areas from hooks, or glide around the wires and get one hell of a ride around the area that you're currently in.

As is always the case with the BioShock games there's going to be a couple of twists, and obstacles that weren't first apparent, and this edition does not forget that fact. There are a ton of twists and turns in this game, some of them a bit obvious to me, but others hitting pretty hard. If you've like the BioShock series then you better pick up this game. If you're looking for something different, some alternative history with good story, get this game. Basically if you own a system capable of playing this game, you should pick up this game, well I should say that you should pick up this game if you are comfortable with playing in a 3D world, where you're in first person (I know there are those out there who get motion sickness from games like these, and this game will do the same to those people). This game gets a9.6 out of 10.


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