game WILL NOT save -- help?

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I started a new game on a borrowed 360 yesterday and it won't save at all. No autosaves, no hard saves, nothing. Evidently the 360 was saving Assassin's Creed just fine before I borrowed it for Bioshock. I've never actually owned a 360 so any input would be helpful. The hard drive says there's over 100 gigs of space left, so nobody seems to know what's going on.  Help?

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@pollyhoek: It's been a while since I played, but I don't remember any issues with saving.  It only autosaves occasionally, I think when you enter a new area of Rapture.  I just saved from the start menu.  Maybe it's a patch issue.  Are you connected to Xbox Live? If not, connect (you can make a Silver account for free), then start up the game, and  It should download the latest patches.

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