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    Venture into the mysterious, Utopian underwater city of Rapture and discover what has turned it into ruin in this first-person epic.

    sin4profit's BioShock (Limited Edition) (Xbox 360) review

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    Fantastic first person storytelling

    Immersive...that's a word...that needed to be invented to describe a game such as Bioshock, a hybrid FPS/RPG game. A game that ever takes you out of the head of the character you're playing.

    The game plays out like a novel meets the Universal Studios theme rides. Though the game, in retrospect, has many complaining about it's difficulty, or lack thereof, at the time playing it you flat out didn't care you knew it was something special and an enjoyable experience all the same. Even beyond the "no penalty  for death" system the second flaw would have to be the implementation of the increasing difficulty system as a lot of the time they just increased the toughness of old characters rather then giving you new enemies or more challenging situations. But all flaws are greatly outweighed by everything the game does very right. It makes you feel like you're there in a very imaginative and entertaining world.

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