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Better late than never?

The story was interesting enough but I was expecting more based on the reverence people have for this game and my experience having already played Bioshock Infinite. The long build up to what was an extremely lame final boss fight was really disappointing.

The game plays well, there are a lot of combat options and the game gives you reason to use everything.

Even playing the remastered edition on PC, I feel like this game hasn't held up very well visually other than the big daddies the enemy design is pretty boring.

The big daddy/little sister is easily the most interesting thing about this game and I really wonder how the game would have changed had I handled things differently.

The PC port seems fairly buggy, I had a lot of crashes when opening the in game menu.

The sound design was good, but I wonder if it was screwed up in the remaster or not, throughout the game enemies that were across the level would sound like they were right next to me and talking on the radio was barely audible no matter what I did with the volume levels.

Towards the end I started to feel like there was so little consequence to dying that I started to melee alot to conserve ammo that I would surely need for the final boss (I didn't) but getting to that realization kind of broke the game for me.

Better late than never? Probably not.

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