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    France-based studio developing DSiWare games such as My Farm, My Exotic Farm, My Asian Farm and My Australian Farm.

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    BiP media is a development studio comprised of 11 individuals, located in France, who currently primarily develop quality titles for DSiWare. According to their official website, they are also developing for PSN, Mac, Windows and Android. They are perhaps most famous for their My Farm series consisting of the games My Farm, My Exotic Farm, My Asian Farm and the newest in the series, My Australian Farm.

    Studio Philosophy

    The BiP media studio have their own philosophy when approaching the development of a game. The key points of this philosophy are that BiP believe the video game industry has the power to create both fortune and failure and the real true success stories from the industry are born from the most innovative minds and development teams, thus BiP media strives to be the next Hideo Kojima or Nintendo. It is their passion to create the most entertaining video games as possible and they are meticulous about their work. They enjoy being an independent studio and never wish to live under the control of a dominating publisher, and they will continue to walk the road of uncertainty, developing games for both the hardcore and the casual, platformers and farm simulations.

    Above all, BiP media hopes that all the gamers out there have as much fun playing their products as they do making them, and I think that's something we can all raise a glass to.

    Games Developed

    The following titles have either been developed or are currenty in development by BiP media:

    • My Farm
    • My Exotic Farm
    • My Asian Farm
    • My Australian Farm
    • Viking Invasion
    • Advanced Circuits
    • Judge Dee: The City God Case
    • Tiny Token Empires
    • Hellokids - Vol. 1: Coloring and Painting
    • Vampyres in Paris

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