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    Bird & Beans

    Game » consists of 4 releases. Released Apr 05, 2009

    A DSiWare port of the original WarioWare's Pyoro and Pyoro 2 minigames.

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    Birds and Beans is a DSiWare port of both Pyoro and Pyoro 2 from WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$. Both play mostly the same as the original versions, although the play area has been extended to take advantage of the better resolution of the DS (30 blocks instead of 20) and new background graphics appear to fill this space. In each game, beans fall from the sky which Pyoro, a small bird with a stretchy tongue, must stop from hitting the ground. If one does reach the ground, a block will be destroyed which will restrict where Pyoro can move. Collecting a white bean will restore one block, while flashing beans (which appear at 5,000 points) clear all beans for 50 points each and replace every block.

    Game Modes

    • Bird & Beans: The player must stretch Pyoro's tongue upwards at 45 degree angle to eat beans as they fall to the ground. Beans decrease in value the lower they fall, going from 1,000 to 300, to 100, to 50 and then 10. The background changes slightly every 1,000 points initially, then every 10,000 after reaching 10,000 points. The background stops changing at 50,000 points.
    • Bird & Beans 2: Unlocked after scoring 10,000 points in the first game. This sequel is very similar to standard Bird & Beans, but rather than extending his tongue, Pyoro (who appears yellow), spits speeds at the beans. Because they're spat at such high speed, the player is unable to see the seed. Unlike the first game, all beans are worth 50 points, but hitting two or more beans with a single shot earns the player more points. The background still changes, but different elements appear.
    The credits screen is unlocked under Settings by reaching 50,000 points in Bird & Beans 2.


    Bird and Beans is available on the DSi Shop in all regions for 200 DSi Points. It takes up 11 blocks of the DSi internal memory (12 in Europe).


    • Both games were unlockable in the original WarioWare for the GBA.
    • Each main WarioWare game features a Pyoro sequel that takes advantage of a different control scheme. In addition to Pyoro and Pyoro 2, there is also Pyoro R, Pyoro T and Pyoro S.
    • The original Japanese title of Pyoro "Tori To Mame" literally means Bird & Bean.
    • In Europe, the game was released as Pyoro, and both modes were renamed accordingly.
    • The game can be played on the top or bottom screen by switching in the game options.

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