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    English professional wrestler turned criminal, Birdie has appeared in several Street Fighter games.

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    Birdie had a career as a professional wrestler in England, complete with rivalries and fame. When his success in the ring ran out, he turned to crime. When dealing and stealing wasn't making him enough money, Birdie took part in street fights, which gained him enough notoriety to be invited to the first World Warrior tournament.

    In the first tournament, Birdie appeared to be Caucasian, though he has since been depicted as a black man. Capcom has explained this with the story that Birdie was in fact suffering from a severe case of influenza, and that his sickness was also a reason for his loss to Ryu in the first Street Fighter.

    After his defeat, Birdie became an even more powerful crime lord in England. This extreme infamy gave him the opportunity to join the ranks of M. Bison's Shadaloo organization. Unaware he was being watched by Bison, Birdie inflitrated a room which held the secrets of the Psycho Drive machine. With this information, Birdie believed that if he obtained the machine, he could revolutionize Shadaloo and become its leader. Bison quickly sent for Balrog to kill Birdie, but Birdie convinced Balrog to join forces with him to find the Psycho Drive machine. The machine blew up before they could find it.

    Gameplay and Techniques

    Birdie combines his brawling with wrestling. His special attacks involve head butting the opponent for some of his attacks, 'Bull Head' and 'Bull Horn'. Bull Horn has a moment of invulnerability before attacking so it can be used to bypass projectiles and other attacks. It can be charged just like Balrog's 'Turn Punch' can, but unlike the 'Turn Punch' it hits multiple times, depending on how long you hold the button down, he will then shout "One!", "Two!", "Three!" or "Four!", then drift back and dash towards the opponent.

    Some of his are his grappling techniques are more favored, they are called 'Murderer Chain' and 'Bandit Chain'. first a player should use his other attacks to get close to the opponent, then carry out his grappling techniques to cause high damage. His roundhouse and standing fierce both have good air superiority.


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